5 Easy Morning Rituals For Peace and Presence

5 Easy Morning Rituals For Peace and Presence


How you start your morning can change the course of your whole day. When you end up being in a funk, it could very well stem from a negative thought you had when you woke up.

Incorporate these easy morning rituals into your morning grind to avoid the down days and bring yourself to peace and presence each day:

1. Let your first thought be to pray. And that doesn’t mean something religious. It could be a mantra, an affirmation or even a quote that inspires you: Here are some awesome affirmations if you need one.

2. Say hello to the sun. Even if you live in a cloudy city, the sun has still rose for light. Before you go get read, look out the window, or even step outside to look up to the sky. Take a few deep breaths, this calming and centering practice will rejuvenate you. If you are into yoga, try to do the sun salutation. It’s benefits, that we’ve shared with you before, are off the charts.

3. Eat something nourishing. So often, we tell our bodies we don’t have time to feed it, then we wonder why we ache, pain and feel down. Avoid skipping out on breakfast, and when you eat, say a little thank you to the food that energizes your cells.

4. Don’t stare at your phone…meditate instead. You have the whole day and work to be in front of screen. Instead, take the collective minutes you would otherwise spend doing that and make time for meditation, even if for 5 minutes.

5. Listen to uplifting music on your walk or drive to work. If you work from home, start the work day by playing a happy tune- something that lifts your soul.

These five little rituals are sure ways to start that day off with a smile.

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