4 Ways To Surely Find True Love

4 Ways To Surely Find True Love


If you are in search of your soulmate or know someone who is looking for love then read on…

But first a question:

If the man or woman of your dreams shows up on your doorstep. Would you be ready for a fully committed relationship with him or her?

Studies show that most say no.

There could a million reasons why, such as more personal growth, fear of divorce, inability to commit and the list goes on.

But whatever those reasons are, many times, they are stories that don’t lend themselves well to fulfillment and happiness.

Rather than limiting our beliefs in love, why not expand them for a true perspective and full experience?

Question number two:

This time, close your eyes. Tap into your inner knowledge and ask yourself:

Am I ready for love?

What’s your answer? It may even be “I don’t know.”

So then the broader question is how does some one really know they are truly ready for love?

There’s no finger snap answer to that question, really.


However, there are 4 ways you can assure that yourself you will be ready, or perhaps confirm that you already are.

1. I don’t place blame.

For many of us, when we feel hurt, we want to blame to the person that “did it” to us. The ego can project the problem as external, rather than viewing the reaction we have to the situation as something internal.

In a relationship, are partners can be mirrors of our internal selves within our reactions towards them, both good and bad. Sometimes, it’s great to take a step back when something doesn’t go the way we wanted and we feel hurt, and look at the bigger picture before playing the blame game. If you already are aware of this and don’t find yourself placing blame, then you are probably ready to love and be loved.

2. I trust myself, and others.

Notice, it’s not only about trusting others. While this is huge, and many have “trust issues” from being hurt in the past, it’s essentially about fully trusting yourself. Once you do, you can trust in love.

3. I am already complete.

We all remember it. The famous line from Jerry Maguire, “You complete me.” As romantic is that is, the reality of broken relationships can occur due to people seeking to feel complete from their partner rather than the deep knowledge and power within themselves. If you can feel this power, not just say it, than you know love is due to enter your life.

4. I’m not afraid.

Fear is the number one factor of holding you back and not just in love…in anything. If you can confidently find yourself free of fear, then yes, you are open.

You are ready for the beauty of deep love.