4 Mind-blowing Ways to Implement The Law of Attraction at Work

4 Mind-blowing Ways to Implement The Law of Attraction at Work

There's a well-known saying that we create what we think. We also attract what we feel, and, of course, we become what we imagine. It's better known as the Law of Attraction. 

The Law of Attraction is not the newest thing around. It's been out there for a while. It got a lot more famous when Oprah promoted it; as a result of her promotion, tens of thousands of people all over the world started following it.

Until now this law had been misunderstood. People were thinking of it as creating a vision board and just placing it under the pillow and waiting for miracles to happen. Clearly, that isn't the way this Law works.

The first step of applying the Law of Attraction is to get ourselves into a more positive and hopeful mindset. And that's not so easy. It's also the most common reason why people give up on the Law so quickly.

Let's get as real as possible and confront the fact that this Law is not some magical pill or cure. But by following its basic principles, we'll find ourselves much more powerful and in a better relationship with ourselves, others, and our workplace.

What is the Law of Attraction?

The name came from the maxim "like attracts like." This maxim means that when people focus on negative or positive thoughts, they will end up with the corresponding negative or positive experience. It's simple. We attract what we put out.

How does the Law of Attraction work?

Long story short: We practice the Law by using techniques that can be incredibly powerful and enlightening. But only if we use them correctly. They help us become more aware and mindful of our own thoughts. And they help us discover what we should keep or discard.

Here are the four basic parts of the Law of Attraction. Why not start using them today? It's never too late!

1. Practice affirmation during and before our work day.

Think about and plan what we want to achieve and get done. Focus on doing it. We can practice this before going to work or before going into a meeting. Or just practice this all the time. The key is in imagining what it is that we want to achieve and what outcome we want to get. And just focus on that state.

Here's a simple example. Start the day by thinking and feeling that this very day is going to be great! We'll see how far such a state of mind takes us!

But when it comes to the Law of Attraction, be careful and avoid just empty wishful thinking. Affirmations are great but are not enough for doing the work needed for success.

2. Use meditation.

We need to start doing some mindful meditation. It's good for our mind and body on so many levels. Find some quiet place where we can mindfully focus on our thoughts, wishes, and plans. There will be no place left for negative thinking that may hold us back.

Don’t forget, focusing on the positive will attract more positive. There's probably some quiet place in the office we can go to. Or even better, go to the park. Or perhaps just sit in the car and play some calming music. This will, of course, bring us peace.

But then again, we have to be careful with meditation. We need to understand that meditation does not mean that we should stop thinking. We have to focus on the things that may trouble us. Let's be peaceful and patient with ourselves.

3. Cut out Negativity.

According to the Law of Attraction, even when thinking positive and practicing affirmations, problems can lower our potential and ability to use the Law of Attraction. Pay close attention, shut down that critical inner voice, and stop beating ourselves up.

We also might consider removing all the toxic people from our lives. Focus on positivity. What we need to avoid is a state of mind where at night we do visualize our ideal life but by day we believe we can't succeed.

4. Write down goals.

Writing down our goals is very helpful and inspiring. Not only will it make us organized and clear about our goals and plans, but it also will inspire us and motivate us when we achieve some of those goals. And it will pump us up into working on other goals.

Let's motivate ourselves by thinking of why we are doing what we are doing and how we're going to feel after achieving a certain goal. Long story short: imagine the outcome and result. Imagine how we might feel when we complete what it is that we're doing.

However, be careful about writing non-specific goals and just wasting time on meditating about what could be and how it would feel. Write specific daily goals and go through them one by one. Be real.

Final thoughts on the Law of Attraction.

Let's start practicing it and waste no more time. Let's attract success, always thinking positive.

We must be cautious with our thoughts. Be careful about where they take us. We choose the things we do, the places we go, the people we interact with. We also choose how we feel. Yes, we should let things influence us, but in the end, we should make sure we have the last word. Never forget that you are a magnet, and everything is attracted to you, by you!

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