30 Ways To Let Go of Stress And Find Yourself

30 Ways To Let Go of Stress And Find Yourself

STRESS. We face it every day. There’s external stress via work, from family and internal stress that includes feelings we bottle like regret, doubt and fear. Keeping stress around can do 1 of 2 things. First, it can unground you, causing you to actually feel unhappy. Second, it can manifest as illness in the body. These illnesses include heart disease, asthma, obesity, diabetes, headaches, depression and anxiety, gastrointestinal problems, Alzheimer’s disease, aging and the worst…premature death.

So then what’s the point of holding onto something that can kill you?

“In the process of letting go, you will lose many things from the past, but you will find yourself.” –Deepak Chopra

Part of this letting go process can be jarring, confusing. How? Where to begin? The best way is to take steps so you let go of what doesn’t serve you as you begin to serve your heart with the happiness you truly deserve.

Here are 30 ways you can self-love and fully find freedom:

1. Watch nature. Concentrate on the opening of flowers, the smell of earth, feel of the ocean and allow perspective to settle in.

2. Talk to an old person about what’s important in life. 80+ years later, they usually have a better view of what to focus your energy on.

3. Let go of all thoughts that make you feel small and listen to the ones that empower you.

4. Get rid of any guilt, especially in achieving your goals or doing something you truly want to do.

5. Do something nice or surprise someone you love like your spouse or lover. The more you give unconditionally to the person you have the most expectations from, the more you will feel freedom in your heart.

6. Release your fears, all of them. Fear of the unknown, of the future, of the larger picture. Fear is a block in your so-called life path. Walk down it and let things fall into place.

7. Don’t regret a thing. Remember, there are no regrets in life, just lessons learned.

8. Stop worrying about what’s not in your control.

9. Instead of doubting where you are in life, ask yourself where you want to go.

10. Remember that blaming anyone or something else will never change anything. If you don’t like something, you have two choices, accept it or change it yourself.

11. Turn off the noise and feelings of unworthiness. You are not damaged, you matter and the world needs you, just the way you are.

12. Dance daily, and freely, as the good ol’ saying goes, ‘like no one is watching.’ Boogie down with truth.


13. Remember that your dreams matter. Chase them.

14. Put yourself first.

15. Forget about where everyone else is, how happy they are, what they are doing better than you. Your journey is going to right where you need to be, and it will be your version of perfect.

16. Remember that nothing is perfect.

17. There’s no right or wrong way, for anything. Life is rich and full of contrast, explore and enjoy it.

18. Let go of your expectations of people, things, places, events. Be present and it will feel just right, whatever and wherever it is.

19. Turn off the old record of your past. Sing a new song.

20. Don’t sweat the small stuff, but rather, enjoy the little things in life.

21. Observe life through the eyes of a child. Pure joy.

22. Release anger towards friends family, lovers…past and current. Forgive them, and feel the happiness you deserve.

23. Let go of the demands to do, do, do. Do what you can, and call it your best, instead of needing to constantly do more.

24. Express gratitude, always.

25. You don’t have to nor will you know everything. Part of the fun is learning on the way.

26. Money can’t buy happiness. Find ways to pay off your debt so instead of focusing on the moola, you can focus on the true abundance of life and many fruits you already have.

27. Your eyes will always remain down if you feel sorry for yourself. Shift your view towards the sky.

28. You can’t save or change everyone. Work on yourself and as Gandhi says, be the change you wish to see in the world.

29. Stop trying to please everyone to be liked or accepted. You are you: unique and be true to that.

30. Don’t be a hater…especially of yourself. Love every inch of your body, every amazing way you shine in this world and find freedom in loving yourself, just as you are.