20 Science-Based Benefits of Meditation

20 Science-Based Benefits of Meditation

When you don’t have control over your life, but you are living in a chaotic environment, your cure is meditation.

Once you start with this practice, you will notice that you are healthier, happier, and more successful.

Many people who found the salvation of the mind in meditation have said all these things mentioned above. We will present to you precisely twenty scientifically proved reasons that, to meditate, is good, and you need to start with it, from today.

Don’t waste your time!

It boosts your health.

  • It will increase your immune system (1).
  • It reduces pain (2).
  • Meditation reduces inflammation at the cellular level (3).
  • Boosts positive emotions (4).
  • It helps with the elimination of depression (5).
  • Reduces anxiety (6).
  • Reduces stress (7).

It boosts your social life. 

  • If you thought that meditation is only a single action, it could be. But, also, you can meditate in a group, and it will improve your social life (8).
  • Increases social connection and emotional intelligence (9).
  • You will become more compassionate (10).
  • You will be less lonely.

Boosts the self-control

  • You can control your emotions (11).
  • Better skills for introspection (12).

Meditation will change your brain.

  • The gray matter will expand (13).
  • The volume of emotion regulation, positive emotions, and self-control will increase (14).
  • The cortical thickness in zones linked to the focus is increasing (15).

Better productivity.

  • Better focus and attention (16).
  • Better multitasking (17).
  • Memory boost (18).

Meditation provides better creative thinking and expanding the horizon.

  • You will become wiser.
  • Your perspective will be expanded.

Once you start to observe your mind, you will understand that you shouldn’t be a slave to it. The jealousy, sadness, and all the evil feelings don’t have to lead you.

Look at meditation, like metal hygiene. It will eliminate all the toxins and junk from your mind.

When you finish with meditation, you will see more clearly, and your perspective will be improved.

It keeps you real

When you observe your mind long enough, you will see that you are more authentic and humbler.

Myths About Meditation

  • If you think that you have an empty mind, you are fooling yourself. When you start with meditation, you will see it’s the opposite.
  • Sitting in lotus position - nope, you may sit on the couch, but don’t lie because you will probably fall asleep.
  • Singing a song on a language that you don’t know.
  • They’re different, Buddhist, Hindu, or religious. –No, unless you make them so.

Excuses for meditation.

  • If you think that you can’t have a clear mind, start meditating. The reason why we are telling you this is that you will clear your mind when you start with the process. All the negative thoughts, all emotions, and feelings will be sorted in a way that you will know which to eliminate.
  • If you think that you cannot sit still, you don’t have to sit still. Sit in a comfortable position, that will work too.
  • When you think that you’re anxious, stop. Meditation will help you to eliminate this. Once you start, you will notice that you are calmer.
  • When one of your excuses is that you can’t stand if you are still, then you can take a walk without your phone, or you can do yoga instead of meditation.
  • ‘I tried, and I hate it’ –the sentence which is the most common excuse. But, there is not only one type of meditation. Try until you find the right one. Only with this practice, you will find your inner peace and relaxation.
  • ‘I don’t have the time.’ Well, you have 20 minutes to meditate, because you can leave your phone for that much.

With 20 minutes’ meditation per day, you will gain so much. Admit to yourself that you need your relaxation and your inner peace and don’t delay it. Be guided into a deeper state of awareness as you learn a blend of eastern mindfulness philosophies that evokes blissfully immersive imagery for deeper states of relaxation and spiritual connection along with scientifically verified ancient breathing techniques. Get our guided meditation audios that will awaken your inner ocean of clarity, creativity & joy.