14 Reasons Why Loving Yourself Instead of Trying to Find Love Should Be Your Major Focus in Life

14 Reasons Why Loving Yourself Instead of Trying to Find Love Should Be Your Major Focus in Life

When you were a kid, your world was revolving around love. Openly for some people, and secretly for others, every person in this world deserves to feel love and be loved. However, you will sometimes get too tied up in seeking love from other people, instead of loving yourself.

These are the fourteen reasons why loving yourself is going to bring you all that you need to be happy in your life:

1. You are just enough for yourself.

You are a powerful person, and you have the ability to be everything that you need in this world. You will not need someone that will tell you what to do, as deep inside you, you know what you should do. Your loved one is going to be your true support, and help you realize how wonderful a person you are.

2. Love will take hard work.

Although love is worth, it will not come easily. In fact, you have to prepare yourself for hard times to receive excellent ones. Some matters such as marriage, finances, and children are great decisions, meaning that when you don’t see how everything works, hard times can appear. First, focus on yourself, and then you will learn how you can focus on both of you.

3. Love will happen when nobody’s watching.

You have probably sometimes searched for something specific, but you couldn’t find it that day; however, the next day, you will spot hundreds of such things. Dating also happens in this way – the right person will come along right when you didn’t expect – be prepared for that.

4. Love is not everything.

Societies are telling you that love represents everything you need. However, the truth is that love is not everything that you will ever need. You should make it your goal and not your focus. Love feels amazing and is fantastic. Spending your life with your true love is also beautiful; however, there are things you have to pay attention to first – remember that in this lifetime, you are also important.

5. True love will take some time.

In fact, the best possible love will need time in order to develop. Love and infatuation are two different things. Going through everything together, facing temptation, and fights, but still walking during the day, and choosing your loved one every morning, will be true love. You have to be patient, that’s all.

6. You will not be single all the time.

The right person will come at a certain point of your life it will sweep you off your feet, feeling like a fairytale. However, you may have to wait for some more. When you are single, there is a sense of freedom within you.

7. You are always going to have yourself.

Partners will be present in your life, and they will also go; however, you are always going to have yourself. Through every high and low, or bad and good, or even disappointing, you are always going to be your companion.

8. Love may take your attention from your personal goals.

When you are in a relationship, you may find it hard to travel or attend grad school. Setting and achieving those goals would be easier when you aren’t in a relationship. Maybe you are going to find your new partner right in the middle of all that.

9. Avoiding heartbreaks.

While you are looking for your true love, it is inevitable that you will have your heart quite broken at a certain point. You cannot always know who is genuine and sincere; however, if you take everything slow, you will find it much easier to notice some serious intentions.

10. Relationships are equal to compromise.

When you finally met someone new, and everything goes down seriously, you are going to discover that with no compromise, nothing is ever going to work. If your plans and ideas are different from the ones of your partner, this could be hard.

11. Friends are really important.

Instead of being focused on searching the right one, you can focus on some friends. Despite the family, the friends are the ones that are probably going to stick around you for a long time. They are going there for you when everything starts going wrong.

12. Love yourself before everyone else.

This is a piece of excellent advice. You have first to understand yourself right before you even try to understand someone else. How are you going to give him or her the love that he or she deserves when you do not have enough love for yourself?

13. You are going to be a much better partner.

In fact, life is an excellent teacher, and many lessons it taught you are related to love. Conflicts with your co-worker will teach you about respect, resolution, and communication – everything you will need in one relationship.

14. Casual dating.

In fact, casual dating can be really funny, so why not try it? With the help of casual dating, you will have the ability to see what you don’t want in someone, and there is zero harm related to that. You are going to meet very different individuals, and this is going to help you understand what attracts you in the perfect one.

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