12 Characteristics You Might Be One Of The 144,000 Prophesized Lightworkers To Save The World

12 Characteristics You Might Be One Of The 144,000 Prophesized Lightworkers To Save The World

The sacred Emerald Tablets and the book of Revelation claim that in the world, there are 144, 000 lightworkers, that will save the world from the dark forces.
The best part of this true story is that the savers are here, and now they realize their purpose in life.

Maybe we will think that we are all part of those 144,000 savers, but we are not.
The psychics and some spiritual teachers explain that some people deep in their cellular memories have that kind of consciousness that needs to awake during this time.

When the cellular memory is already awakened, we will be able to understand our purpose of living and what we need to do while we are alive.

We are presenting you the 12 signs, which are signifying the features of the lightworkers.

1. Spiritual concepts are deeply understood.

Savers can comprehend spirituality and will pick it up very quickly. They don’t have to learn it, but they acquire it. This process happens naturally.

2. They fight for justice.

Whenever there is injustice in front of their eyes, they will help.

3. Deep connection with animals.

The bond between the animals and the lightworkers is powerful. They understand each other’s very easily as they are speaking the same language. The animals can’t be molested in front of their eyes, and they will do everything to save these creatures.

4. Empathy reaches the point of anxiety.

People are feeling other’s emotions. Lightworkers are prone to anxiety, depression, and compassion fatigue.

5. They are full of love.

It doesn’t matter if you know them or not; you will gain love and respect.
This love is true, and it can be easily noticed.

6. They make people cheerful.

Lightworkers, are telling jokes, so the atmosphere is better with them. They are making other people smile.

7. They are inspiring.

The savers are not aware that they are encouraging other people. You will feel that you are the real you right next to this kind of person.

8. They love merging duality.

The lightworkers want to combine the impossible. This kind of person will search through psychology, philosophy, science, and spirituality and will find two things which can merge into one.

9. Lightworkers are aware that they are in this world for something big.

The new day is a reminder that they are here to do something big.
The lightworkers are aware that they can and will do something which will be remembered.

10. Act as natural healers.

Lightworkers contain a type of energy, which, without doing anything, will spread it and will heal and fulfill you. You are a better person when you are with them.

11. Masters of their intuition.

Have good intuition, believe in it and respect it, because they own it for a precise reason.

12. Lightworkers are compared and connected to superheroes.

They can find themselves as a particular type of superhero. After some time passed in their adulthood, they can identify some good qualities in the cartoon heroes.

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