10 Profound Realizations That Happen When You Have High Consciousness

10 Profound Realizations That Happen When You Have High Consciousness

Raising consciousness refers to stepping back from the canvas to perceive a more significant chunk of the photo.

Like in every picture, when we are watching it from a very close distance, you can see all the imperfections on it. But, when you move further away, we can see that everything is in its place.

The things which you thought they were imperfections now make sense. The picture is beautiful, and everything has a special place.

The analogy is a study that describes the results of raised consciousness to higher levels.

Also, we present to you the changes that happen with an elevated consciousness.

1. You are responsible for your life

Controlled life depends on accomplished responsibilities. The higher the consciousness, the more you realize that you are the one who is responsible for your life.

A lot of things in our life can be under our control, but there are also things which we cannot control.

In cases when the control is not in your hands, you need to think about how to react.

2. Everything makes sense, and everything is connected

When you take a look at the picture from a distance, you will see better. It is the same with your life.

 When you see from a higher perspective on your life, you can see all the choices that you have got.

The reason for this is because the choices are made in the subconscious configuration.

3. The unconscious mind has a massive role in our life

This mind, the unconscious, is responsible for many things in our life.

Many events that we have experienced and trapped in our life, the trauma we want to forger, some emotions that aren’t welcomed, configure a record which is spinning in circles.

It will make live some old shapes again because its purpose is to embrace those parts that we are scared off to become whole.

4. The emotions form our reality

Many emotions that we feel in a certain period will create our reality. When we are happy, we receive the information in that state. When we are sad, we collect the news with sadness.

It is the same with all other emotions. So, it means that emotions are the lenses of reality.

5. Suppressed emotions prevent smooth energy flow

Many events that we want to forget, a feeling that we want to avoid, they make constrains to the fluid energy flow. 

If you raise your consciousness, you will be able to embrace those feelings and improve your life.

6. Everything is energy

In case we elevate the level of consciousness, it means that we’ve accepted ourselves as the way we are, and start to create the world around us.

With this process, we realize that between the atoms, there is a force that creates energy.  

Everything and every act represent energy in a different range of density.

7. Our intuition is most often right

Everyone has intuition. But, not all of them listen to it. Many people are aware that they have a hunch but cannot give a logical explanation to it, and it doesn’t have a sense for them to trust them.

When we are going to be more conscious, you can see that your intuition was right, you need to listen to it carefully.

8. The relationship reflects us

The connection and bond that people have between each other is the best mirror for them.

How you are dependent on your partner, how you avoid them, the number of friends that you have got, the way you present your love towards someone, the attributes that you find attractive, everything is a reflection of yourself. That is who you are.

9. Love is our default state of being

In every advertisement and video, we can see only the romantic side of love. Love is not only the idyllic side you can see. Real love represents our natural state of being, all the purity that we have, all that shares the vibration of love.

10. Our feelings and thoughts are not what we are

The views and opinions are only information.

They are compared to the pictures that we can see and the words that we read in a book.

We all receive information, that is not what we are.

But you are the person who receives the information, and you are the person who observes the thoughts.

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