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The Light and Harmony Selenite Lamp

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What if you could attract love, light, radiance, and fertility by simply adding a lamp to your home?

Home decors and lamps are great pieces to create a wonderful aura within your home. But what if you add another lamp into your house to help you attract love, fertility, harmony and reduce fear?

The Selenite stone or the "moonstone" is named after the Moon goddess Selene. It is known to inspire peace, carry a high intensity of energy opening and activating of the Crown Chakras. It attracts love, fertility, warmth, and generates calming powers during pregnancy.

Also, Selenites are a great piece to reduce fear especially among children who are afraid of darkness. The Light and Harmony Selenite Lamp is a perfect piece to be placed inside the kids' room. Place it near a window where the light of the moon allows to touch the lamp, adding its calming and warming properties.

Place the Light and Harmony Selenite Lamp in the corners of your home or office to protect you from negative energies. It is believed to bring harmony, love, light, and happiness into your life!


 Selenite Crystal
✔️Item Type: Lamp
✔️Design: Iceberg
✔️Size: 10 cm/ Irregular
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Invite love, warmth, and sweetness into your home by placing the Light and Harmony Selenite Lampinto its right spot now!

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