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Pure Peace Amethyst Cluster

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Amethyst's stunning beauty is not far from its wonderful properties. Its soothing, healing and meditative powers work deep through different planes of human consciousness.

Some time in history, Amethyst was hailed as precious as Diamonds. It was called the "Gem of Fire". 

This Pure Peace Amethyst Cluster is the most effective healing crystal known today. It has the ability to expand the mind creating a path for new ideas, creativity, and imagination. It provides healing and protection to your consciousness, chakras and even physical system. It balances, connects, and stimulate positive energy to the Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra. It also stimulates the higher mind to be able to fully receive the spiritual power of the Divine being.  

Amethyst helps in recovery for those suffering from the overwhelming emotions that come with grief, loss and all shades of sadness.

Place it in an altar, near a fireplace, or displayed in the living room - to remind yourself not to fear the unknown.


✔️ Item Type: Crystal

✔️ Size: 30mm - 50mm

✔️ Weight: 10-20g/pc, 20-30g/pc, 30-40g/pc

✔️ Material: Amethyst Cluster

  • Please note pictures of products were taken in different light conditions. Computer screens have different settings that moderate colors and patterns independently. 

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