The ancient symbol of Sri Yantra / Sri Chakra is observed in Hindu, Buddhist, and other scientific traditions as an individual’s gateway to liberation and the understanding of the entire Universe. This yantra, widely used in meditation and astrology, is a diagram formed by interlinked triangles that surround and emanate out from the central bindu (point). It is the visual representation of the vibration formed by the sacred, primordial sound, OM a.k.a. AUM.

How cool is that?

We are all about sharing the knowledge and power of the geometric symbol of the Sri Yantra. This sacred instrument can be used as a universal, mind-altering map to guide you along the path to ruling your reality.

The power of the Sri Yantra is not just validated by mystics and spiritual practitioners, but also by modern day researchers and scientists. The nature of this symbol is to represent the balanced union of cosmic energy and science.

Do you know what you want out of life? What you truly desire? What you need to do or change to create the life you want? What you need to accomplish in order to be totally happy?

To help you answer these questions and live your life to its fullest potential, we designed a nine step transformational program based on the chakras and bindu set within the ancient wisdom of the Sri Yantra.

9 Levels of the Sri Yantra


Level one represents the root chakra, muladhara; the Earth square—which is located at the base of your spine and is responsible for your safety and survival. By connecting to the earth, you can begin to supercharge your inner awareness and illuminate a clear path to your higher Self. This level grounds you to your Truth. It is here, in the first session, that we challenge you to express and connect to what you really want. Before moving on to level two, we ask you to take the time it takes to figure out and articulate your true purpose in this lifetime.


Level two of the Sri Yantra represents the sacral chakra, svadhisthana (the dwelling place of the Self); the body’s creative center. Super powerful energy resides at the base of the spine and pelvic area around the hips. It is here we fully experience the joys of intimacy, creativity, pleasure, our sexuality, and our deepest desires. As we focus on this level of the Sri Yantra, you will discover true fulfillment and get down to the nitty-gritty of what you really desire and what will really make you


Level three represents the solar plexus, the manipura. This area around the stomach, gallbladder, and spleen regulates the energy of willpower, determination, and action. The third level is about focusing on what you need to do to get what you desire. This is where you can harness the unseen forces of autosuggestion, eating, and exercising right. An advanced breathing technique known as spiral breathing to influence the deepest recesses within you.


Level four represents the heart chakra, vishuddha. This chakra is located in at your heart center, the center of your chest near your physical heart. This chakra is the place of love, compassion, and community. Level four of the Sri Yantra is all about getting to the bottom of who and what you need to get what you desire. It empowers you to access the vital force of your own enthusiasm and heart to energize yourself into action.


Level five represents the throat chakra, vishuddha. This chakra is located in the center of your throat, in the space of self-expression. The fifth level is about diving deep into discovering who you need to implement your wishes. Here you’ll uncover how positive intentions can bring about tangible results and how a change in your frequency can literally change your reality.


Level six represents represents the talu or lalana chakra found in the brainstem near the medulla a.k.a. “the mouth of God.” This level is about protecting yourself as you’re going after what you want. Here you’ll get a counterintuitive insight into how knowing your weaknesses and being fearless and persistent will keep you from being knocked back down as you dig deeper and deeper into creating what you desire.


Level seven represents the third eye chakra, ajna, located in the center of your forehead and realized through the opening of your mind’s eye via the pineal gland. This one’s about trusting your intuition and following your true sense of purpose in life. It deals with overcoming your existing blocks and cleansing both mentally and physically. On a mental plain, you can control your subconscious mind and reprogram it through lucid dreaming, as well as put the little known power of sacred geometry to practical use. On a physical level, you can literally “program” your food to obtain change in your body at a cellular level.


Level eight represents the crown chakra, sahaswara, located at the crown of your head. This chakra is your direct link to the divine wisdom of the universe. Level eight is about simply knowing what you need to accomplish to be happy. Although simple at it’s core, getting there will have you going beyond your five senses and diving deeper into the depths of your beliefs and accessing your sixth sense.


Level nine is creation time! Here you get to the crux of what makes you happy—diving into some really intense stuff like quantum mechanics—and exploring the unknown depths of astrology. This last level represents the central point or bindu. The meaning of bindu is both physical and metaphysical. It is generally understood to mean either “seed,” “light,” or “radiant point” and known to be the point of concentration of power. Bindu is also the point at which the capacity for the unmanifest to become manifest is realized. The bindu is the place where the yantra begins. It is considered the entryway into Universal Consciousness. At this point you’re literally standing at the “gateway to creation” and tapping into the Universe.

With each level of the Project:Yourself program, one becomes more connected to the role of the soul, body, and mind as it relates to personal happiness and success. The course is about learning how to gain a greater inner understanding, and how to make the necessary changes to bring in an abundance of choices for your life.

As you go through it, the Project:Yourself community completely supports you to enhance the incredible qualities within you that will ultimately lead to your overall success and happiness.

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“It is everyone’s right to achieve this state of evolution and everything necessary is already inbuilt. But . . . you have to have the desire to achieve this state, it cannot be forced upon you!” – Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi



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