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Contribute skills, resources and frameworks to empower indigenous communities surrounding these ancient sites - both to preserve the sites, and elevate their own lives.

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We're Counting On Your Support To Return To Dwarka… To Answer Certain Questions We Couldn't Fully Answer In The Film.

For instance… could Dwarka really be the most ancient civilization in human history? Can we learn more from the local Indian authorities? Did this society truly possess ahead-of-its-time technology? And what other ancient scriptures offer clues to its buried truths?

We invite YOU to help us uncover these answers… by playing a crucial role on our next expedition, and its subsequent film.

Here's how Dwarka Part 2 is going to go down...

First, we're going to assemble a team of researchers, archaeologists, filmographers, advisors, sponsorship partners and more.

Then, we'll leverage the entire team's strengths to draw up a research plan, and present it to Indian authorities and organizations - particularly the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), the National Institute of Oceanography (NIO), and the Indian Parliament themselves.

Upon gaining the necessary permits, we will acquire our inventory which includes rental boats, guides, diving and excavation gear, and filming equipment.

Every step of our journey will be documented by filmography experts using professional grade recording equipment - and subsequently compiled into our next documentary film for public viewing.

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