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Love is the highest vibration. It’s the force that drives and energizes us, and even Mother Nature. Which is why each of us has the natural drive to return to it. And embrace a life of greater love.

And then there are the forces that get in the way of love. Like anger, jealousy, conflict, disconnection, and loneliness. The kind that leave us searching helplessly for love. Or feeling a lack of it from the ones we crave it from.

If love is so powerful, why do these low vibrations sometimes feel so overwhelming?

Choosing Love Means Choosing Your True Self

Whether it’s with your soulmate, your family, or your dearest friends: the path to greater love starts by looking within - and choosing to love yourself.

Practices like visualization and Heart Chakra meditations are wonderful ways to rediscover love for yourself and others.

And so are specific natural crystals that hum with the purest vibration of love.

Crystals That Deepen Love & Connection

Rose Quartz: stimulates deep, unconditional love

Amethyst: heals old love wounds and limiting beliefs

Pink Aventurine: strengthens your courage in finding love

Rhodonite: heals emotional blocks holding you back from love

Love and Relationships Bundle

A handpicked selection of curations that ignite love, romance, and deep connection.
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Call in a life of deeper love, connection, and romance with this bundle of crystal curations that bring you closer to the special people in your life.

From an orgone pyramid that fills your living space with the frequency of love, to a crystal mala and bracelet that encourage closeness and empathy - you now have the perfect remedy to loneliness, conflict, and disconnection.

Each curation is handmade by our artisans with natural and sustainably sourced crystals used for millennia in the pursuit of greater love.

This includes rose quartz, the beautiful crystal of love. Pink aventurine, the crystal of self-acceptance. And peridot, the crystal of abundance in all matters of the heart.

Use them often to:

  • Connect better and more authentically with friends and family
  • Get closer to your spouse, partner, or soulmate
  • Call in new love, and attract that special someone
  • Facilitate mutually beneficial relationships and conversations
  • Soothe conflict and arguments, and return to love
  • Awaken joy and positive emotions
  • Heal your Heart Chakra, and channel your heart’s intelligence

Curations In This Bundle:

The Loving Healer Rose Quartz Bracelet
Love and Attraction 108 Mala - Lotus Flower
Sacred Love Forest Orgone Pyramid - 5cm

Please note: 

* Our curations are fully handmade in accordance with ancient tradition. Some items may show a natural variance in color and shape: but remember that your curations are one-of-a-kind and unique to you!

* Our artisans produce our curations in small batches: there are no large factories and assembly lines! This means supplies are limited, and restocks are not guaranteed. If you see something you like here or anywhere in our store, we recommend securing it immediately to avoid disappointment and long waits.

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