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Inner Strength and PROTECTION
Explore Our Curations That Harness Ancient Wisdom & The Power Of Nature To Awaken Your Inner Strength, And Shield You From Harm...

Behind every struggle is an opportunity. But before you can reach it, the more urgent matter is getting through it.

Perhaps you’re searching for the strength to navigate a challenging time in your life. Or maybe there’s a particular risk or danger ahead of you, that’s left you anxious and off-balance.

The good news is you already have everything you need to not just persevere - but thrive through even the most difficult of circumstances.

Your Inner Strength Wants To Emerge

The human spirit is powerful: and deep inside you is a near-infinite reservoir of grit and tenacity.

And yet sometimes, that strength can feel hard to reach. Especially if you’re dealing with emotional pain, blocked Chakras, or even disempowering people and environments. 

But just as strength and perseverance are your natural default states, so too are the remedies that can help you reclaim it.

Tools & Practices For Inner Strength & Protection

Meditation: when you quiet the noise around you and inside you, you can gain access to deep levels of personal power.

Energy healing: by unblocking and healing your Chakras - particularly your Root Chakra - you can regain a sense of grounded assuredness and protection.

Mindfulness: profound courage can be gained by simply being more aware of your thoughts, and drawing your consciousness to the present moment.

Crystals: obsidian, agate, tiger’s eye, and onyx are just some of the natural crystals that carry a natural vibration of strength and protection.

Inner Strength and Protection Bundle

A handpicked selection of curations for confidence, protection and personal power.
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Deep inside you is an ocean of infinite strength and resilience. And with the right crystals - which you’ll find in abundance in this bundle - you can call on that strength at any time as a remedy to life’s uncertainties.

From a protective orgone pyramid, to an uplifting mala and pendant: the Inner Strength and Protection bundle includes everything you need to show up with confidence and personal power in every moment.

Each curation is handmade by our artisans with natural and sustainably sourced strengthening crystals used for millennia.

This includes tiger’s eye: the crystal of willpower and protection. Obsidian: the stone of grounding. And purple agate: the crystal of strength and unshakable balance. 

Use them often to:

  • Boost your confidence and self-belief
  • Rise above challenges and difficult circumstances
  • Protect yourself from negative people and situations
  • Uplift your vitality and life force energy
  • Melt away fatigue and emotional pain
  • Enhance your presence, and speak your truth

Curations In This Bundle:

Cosmic Guidance Orgone Pyramid    
Purple Agate Power 108 Mala - Lotus Charm
The Dragon Guardian Obsidian Pendant

Please note: 

* Our curations are fully handmade in accordance with ancient tradition. Some items may show a natural variance in color and shape: but remember that your curations are one-of-a-kind and unique to you!

* Our artisans produce our curations in small batches: there are no large factories and assembly lines! This means supplies are limited, and restocks are not guaranteed. If you see something you like here or anywhere in our store, we recommend securing it immediately to avoid disappointment and long waits.

We do not ship to APO, FPO Addresses.

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