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Abundance is NATURAL

It’s our default state. Mother nature herself is abundant, and there’s plenty to go around for everyone!So why can it feel so hard to attract wealth and success? And why do we often work so hard for so little rewards, and still struggle with issues like debt and low income?The simple answer is that we’ve not been taught to vibrate on the same frequency as abundance.


The path to true wealth and success starts from within. Practices like meditation and conscious manifestation are great ways to overcome your inner wealth blocks, and align your vibrations with the vibration of abundance.

But there are also tools you can use to speed up this process, and keep yourself in a peak state of wealth attraction.

These include natural wealth-attuned crystals, and ancient power symbols that harness sacred geometry to amplify your manifestation ability as you meditate or go about your day.

Crystals That Amplify Your Abundance

Citrine: used for attracting money and career/business success

Ceregat: attracts positive changes that lead to greater abundance

Green Aventurine: calls in opportunities from unexpected places

Green Jade: a crystal that brings good fortune and synchronicities

Black Obsidian: used to transmute bad luck into good, and attract wealth

Abundance and Success Bundle

A trio of crystal curations that attract greater wealth, prosperity and good fortune into every dimension of your life.
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Embrace the vibration of abundance with this handpicked selection of natural crystal curations.

From an ancient Chinese prosperity bracelet, to a sacred abundance mala, to a potent orgone pyramid: you’ll find everything you need to bathe yourself and your living spaces in vast prosperity and good fortune.

Each curation is handmade by our artisans with natural and sustainably sourced crystals used for millennia to call in a life of plenty.

Your curations are imbued with a treasure trove of crystals, including citrine: the glowing amber crystal of wealth and opportunity. Ceregat, the bringer of positive change and unshakable confidence. And amethyst, the protective stone of spiritual clarity.

Use them often to:

* Open yourself to greater abundance and financial prosperity
* Quickly solve your financial challenges
* Call in new opportunities and fresh perspectives
* Clear the abundance blocks in your Chakras
* Manifest your goals and desires, fast
* Boost your confidence and personal power
* Get the Universe on your side

Curations In This Bundle:

Pi Xiu Citrine Prosperity Bracelet
Vibration Of Abundance 108 Mala
Wealth and Prosperity Ceregat Orgonite Pyramid (6cm)

Please note: 

* Our curations are fully handmade in accordance with ancient tradition. Some items may show a natural variance in color and shape: but remember that your curations are one-of-a-kind and unique to you!

* Our artisans produce our curations in small batches: there are no large factories and assembly lines! This means supplies are limited, and restocks are not guaranteed. If you see something you like here or anywhere in our store, we recommend securing it immediately to avoid disappointment and long waits.

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