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Warming Multipurpose Cashmere

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"Cashmere is a great fabric because it glides over problem areas, can be dressed up or down and makes you feel good and luxurious."
--Anne Hankey

Cashmere is a well-known material in creating expensive luxury designer clothes. Wearing one is equated to being rich, famous and recognized as a member of the elites. This fabric is famous for its soft finish and insulating capacity without looking bulky. 

The most sought after Cashmere fabrics are the soft fleece of goats from the cold places on Earth such as Himalayas and Mongolia. Production of Cashmere from goats is triggered by the chilly cold weather. The colder the weather the more soft fleece the goats grow and when the warmth comes, they normal shed off the extra layers of their furs. That is when the soft and warm Cashmere is woven and created into garments.

The Warming Multipurpose Cashmere is one of the finest pieces made of Cashmere fabric. Aside from its soft finish and warming capacity, it is woven to be used in a different form of clothing. It can be used as a shawl, hijab, scarf or a poncho.

The Warming Multipurpose Cashmereis a great companion this coming season!


✔️Material: Cashmere Wool
✔️Pattern Type: Solid
✔️Scarves Length: 100cm - 135cm
✔️Weight: 320g
✔️Item Type: Scarves/ Hijab/ Poncho/ Shawl
❌We do not ship to APO, FPO Addresses.

Don't let the weather make you feel cold, increase the warmth of your body and mood by donning this Warming Multipurpose Cashmere now!

This item is handmade in small and infrequent batches. We recommend ordering immediately to avoid stock shortages.

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