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Auspicious Mandala Skull Carpet

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“Space is full of wonder. Especially if it's between your ears.”
 Anthony T. Hincks

What does the skull symbol mean to you? 

In art and fashion, skulls have become the new cool symbol! Christina Aguilera wears skulls for good luck while judging the highly successful The Voice. So does Alexa Chung and all the Twilight stars, as well as many of the top rap artists!

In Buddhism, the skull signifies the definitive truth of impermanence. Followers of Mahayana and Tantric Buddhism, wearing the skull or having a beautiful skull nearby reminds them of the highly valued state of human existence, the incredibly precious nature of the human rebirth – as compared with rebirth in animal or hell realms. So, the skull is an auspicious symbol, signaling the importance of our life.

Displaying a skull in our living space is thus a powerful reminder of impermanence. It can lead to a truly life changing realization that we must not waste our life, that we must make our lives meaningful.

From this perspective, the skull is a very auspicious object indeed, because in symbolizing impermanence, it represents an ultimate truth that helps us celebrate our life. People who wear skulls and who are drawn to skulls have an inner realization that marks them out as quite special people.

On a very subtle and uncommon plane, skull is thus the ultimate symbol of auspiciousness!

Product Details

✔️Type: Large Carpet
✔️Material: 100% Polyester
✔️Shape: Rectangle
✔️Size: 91x152cm, 122x183cm, 152x244cm
✔️Weight: 760g - 2000g
📌Care Instructions: Hand Wash or Gentle Machine Wash

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