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Project Yourself

The Project:Yourself Healing & Protection Kit

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The Healing & Protection Kit is a collection of two ancient tools to help you create balance, vitality, and protection even in the most uncertain times.

Both these tools have been relied on for thousands of years by various ancient cultures - and in order to assist our community in the present moment, we have placed as big a discount as possible on them.

These are among our most beloved tools for wellness and protection - in fact 8 in 10 people who use them claim they leave a significant positive impact on their lives. We're confident they'll do the same for you too.


1. Balancing Hematite Agate Protection Bracelets ($44.99 Value)

These bracelets are one of the most popular curations in our catalogue. The natural beads are hand-selected piece-by-piece by our skilled jewelers to ensure a high-quality bracelet that will last you for years to come.

The power of these Balancing Hematite Agate Protection Bracelets is in the crystals used to make them.

Hematite is a crystal that grounds and protects. It strengthens our connection with the earth, enhancing our sense of safety, security, courage, endurance, and vitality - even in challenging times. Hematite also stimulates concentration and focus while removing negativity from inside you and around you.

Agate, meanwhile, is a stone of strength and protection. It was used on ancient armor to enhance strength and encourage victory and longevity. It is known to dispel fear, and amplify emotional strength and confidence.


2. The Deep Dive Meditation Pack ($47 Value)

Meditation is widely regarded as the most effective natural practice for achieving inner peace and balance. Its ability to ground and relax the human mind and body is remarkable and scientifically verified - making it an incredibly useful tool as you weather the storm of the present moment.

You'll find guided meditation audios for a variety of outcomes in the Deep Dive Meditation Pack, each one perfect for the current scenarios we're all facing together:

Session 1: The Infinite Compassion Meditation

Gives you an instant dose of compassion, empathy, and self-confidence: both for yourself and others.

Session 2: The Whole Presence Meditation

Eases you into the deepest state of inner awareness, giving you the gift of whole presence even in the toughest situations.

Session 3: The Unbreakable Calmness Meditation

Unifies your mind and body, allowing you to experience undiluted connection and relaxation.

Session 4: The Deep Trust Meditation

This meditation builds in you a sense of deep inner trust in your own decisions and emotions, allowing you to make better choices.

Session 5: The Heart-Centered Meditation

This meditation opens your heart Chakra, connects you to your heart intelligence, and allows you to approach challenges from a heart-centric perspective.

Session 6: The Superhuman Senses Meditation

This meditation calls on elements of nature to energize your senses and intensify the inherent joyfulness of life.

Session 7: The Endless Smile Meditation

This meditation inspires you to smile, find joy, and erase negativity even in the bleakest of situations.

Session 8: The Inner Child Meditation

This meditation calls on the eternal inner child within your subconscious, allowing you to repair emotional trauma and loss.

Session 9: The Unshakable Calm Meditation

This meditation invokes the ancient Vedic form of Japa meditation through chanting, to guide you into a uniquely calm and blissful state of mind.

Session 10: The Solar Plexus Meditation

This meditation hones in on your solar plexus Chakra to give an instant boost to your intuition. Ideal for when you need to make a tricky decision.

Plus AFREE Bonus By Popular Demand:

4 LIVE Online Community Unity Sessions With Amish Shah ($76 Value)

On each of these sessions, Amish will guide you and thousands in our community through a discussion on ancient wisdom for challenging times, plus a guided group meditation. In the process, you will experience a profound energetic shift, as the group's collective energy re balances and vitalizes you from within.

These sessions are our bonus gift to you when you order the Healing & Protection Kit, and we can't wait to see you on them. You'll receive an email with the session times and dates soon after placing your order.

You can join the online sessions with your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Recordings of each session will be offered for those who missed or want to revisit any.


10% Of Your Purchase Goes Towards Global COVID-19 Relief Efforts


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