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Tathagata Buddha Lotus Incense Burner

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Tathagata is one of the titles most often used by Siddhartha Gautama when referring to himself instead of using the pronouns me, I, or myself. It means both “one who has thus come” and “one who has thus gone”.  

Our Tathagata Buddha Lotus Incense Burner is uniquely handcrafted by our skilled artisans to facilitate a dramatic pour down effect of backflow incense cones rather than typical incense holders.

Burning incense encourages relaxation, aids sleep, promotes concentration, stimulates creativity, increases motivation, and heightens sexual desire. Enjoy these benefits and more by placing this in your office, living room, bedroom, tea room, or prayer/meditation room.

**NOTE: Presence of wind may alter the waterfall effect of this product**


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✔️Item Type: Incense Burner

✔️ Classification: Incense Base

✔️Item Condition: Brand New

✔️Material: Ceramic

✔️Size: 165mm x 78mm x 212mm

✔️Intended Use: Smell Removing/Dehumidification

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