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Stainless Steel Silver Galaxy Mood Ring

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“Cognition can affect bodily sensations and vice versa. So yes, mood rings are undoubtedly reflecting real-life changes in your body temperature, which can occur in response to your emotions,..”
-- Tara Emrani, PhD, Psychologist at NYU Langone Health

Mental activity is broad. It covers most of what’s happening within your body, including your emotions and moods. 

Looking into your mood is a good way of increasing awareness of yourself as well as being productive throughout your day. The Stainless Steel Silver Galaxy Mood Ring can tell how you feel!

It is made with thermotropic liquid crystal that enables the ring to recognize your current mood, emotions, and feelings. It works by responding to your body temperature as you experience a certain mood or emotion at the moment. The increased flow of blood through your skin whenever you feel angry or nervous produces warmth creating your ring to transform into purple. It manifests the color of black or gray whenever you just feel normal without extreme emotions.

This Stainless Steel Silver Galaxy Mood Ring is made with a stainless steel band that is known to be corrosion-resistant and can last longer than other materials. It is easy to clean as well! It is a perfect couple’s ring being worn by both men and women with its simple yet pretty design!


Product Details:

✔️Item Type: Mood Rings
✔️Item Condition: Brand New
✔️Material: Stainless Steel, Glass
✔️Color:  Silver
✔️Surface Width: 0.7cm | 0.3in
✔️Ring Sizes: 5.25,6.75,8,9,10
✔️Feature: Temperature Activated Color Change
📌Note: This item is NOT waterproof. Please do not expose to water as it will damage the color changing elements of this ring.
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This item is handmade in small and infrequent batches. We recommend ordering immediately to avoid stock shortages.

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