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Stainless Steel Bell Shaped Candle Snuffer

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End your evening ritual on the right note with this Stainless Steel Bell Shaped Candle Snuffer. This elemental tool is a unique piece of home decor designed to extinguish a flame without the risk of spattered wax.

The snuffer was developed by Christopher Pinchbeck the Younger, and patented by him in 1776 in England. His device actually looks like a pair of stunted scissors with a raised round bowl atop them. The idea was to snip the wick, which was caught in the bowl and extinguish the candle safely with no soot or wax on the walls from blowing, or hot wicks catching anything afire. According to some reports, it was a sign of candle skill to be able to use the snuffer to trim a wick without extinguishing the flame.

As clean in line as it is in purpose, the solid stainless steel construction is hinged at the cone for easy use from any height or angle. Save your breath, and let the snuffer do the work.


✔️Item Type:Candle Snuffer

✔️Material: Stainless Steel

✔️Shape: Bell

✔️Size:21cm x 4cm

✔️Package inclusion:Candle Snuffer + Snuffer Holder

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