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Relaxing Smokeless Matcha Scented Candle

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For hundreds of years, natural scented candles are a vital part of meditation practices. Its natural scent helps achieve a deeper meditative state that is highly essential in clearing the mind. Achieving this state will improve your mental state with a sharper and more focused mindset and substantial progress to your overall health and wellness.

Our Relaxing Smokeless Matcha Scented Candle transports you to Japanese tea houses, where peaceful moments entwine with ancient rituals. Invite your senses to sit on the tatami mat, while frothy, fresh matcha tea is delicately poured. The scent is serene and warming, enhancing feelings of mindfulness, respect, and a focus on the now.



✔️Item Type:Candle

✔️Feature: Scented

✔️Scent: Matcha | Green Tea

✔️Material: Soy Wax

✔️Color: Matcha color

✔️Burning time: Small size: 15h - 20h, Large size: 30h - 40h

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