Purple Flower of Life Chakra Pendant Necklace


The Flower of Life holds a secret symbol created by drawing 13 circles out of the Flower of Life.

The Flower of Life pattern is inscribed on many of the world's great pyramids, temples and cathedrals. Citizens of ancient civilizations meditated on the shape of the Flower of Life for the purpose of manifesting their most profound desires.

Meditating with the Flower of Life may increase Material and Spiritual Wealth through hidden powers that fulfills all our wishes and helps change our life for the better. Using the Flower of Life helps one achieve Greater Affluence, Peace and Prosperity, Balanced Energy, as well as Harmony in Relationships.

When people ask you about your Flower of Life necklace, tell them that the Flower of Life is a representation of the divine that exists inside all of us. The Flower of Life connects us all individually into a giant web of life, light, and energy. As a single cell inside your mother’s womb you began to divide, moving through many of the forms in sacred geometry until you developed into a fully functioning human. You still carry those divine forms in every cell of your body. You are a miracle! You were born from the divine, it can never leave you. 

This pendant is handcrafted with a crystal clear glass dome on top.

Enhance your abundance and joy with power of ancient geometry!

Limited Quantity. We sell out often. Consider getting 2+

Consider buying two or more - one for yourself and one for your father, mother, brother, sister or best friend.

  • Pendant Details - Material: glass & alloy with high quality image of the Flower of Life. 
  • Color: As pictured. The color may vary slightly due to the color calibration of each individual monitor.
  • Chain Length: 50cm - 55cm
  • Pendant Size: Diameter is 1 inch / 25mm.
  • We do not ship to APO, FPO Address

BEWARE of others who sell cheap imitations. Our quality is by far the best on the internet.



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