Purple Agate Slice Mood Lamp

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“A great attitude becomes a great mood. A great mood becomes a great day. A great day becomes a great year. A great year becomes a great life.”-- Unknown

A wonderful reminder to start your day! Create a happy attitude, mood and outlook in life, then your life will be beautiful. As a reminder and positive inducer of balance and harmony, place thePurple Agate Slice Mood Lampin your home!

Agates are metaphysically known to stabilize and strengthen the other stones even with its low frequency. It is known to balance the mood, emotion, physical and intellectual energy and harmonize yin and yang energies within you. It stabilizes and retains your power to keep your efficiency especially at work. 

Also, it has been used to strengthen your mental capacities. In the olden days of wars, the soldier's places an agate on their breastplates to help them achieve victory. A powerful talisman of protection, this stone is also used to protect you and your family from disasters.

ThePurple Agate Slice Mood Lamp, powered by the properties of agate, its color shifts a negative mood into a positive one, generating a domino effect to the rest of your personality and being. A result that turns your life’s direction and future.

Place the beautifully craftedPurple Agate Slice Mood Lamp in your home and achieve balance and harmony within your life! Its LED lights illuminate a gloomy ambiance and turn it into a place where you would want to spend meditative exercises and quality time with family!

✔️Item Type: Lamps
✔️Material:Agate, Metal
✔️Stone Size: 8cm - 10cm | 3in - 4in
✔️Light Source: LED
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