Parimidam Pyramid Sri Yantra

Feast your eyes on the beauty of the Parimidam. This amazing structure is composed of the Universal, geometrically sacred, energetic ‘blueprint‘ – the Sri Yantra  within an energy channelling acrylic pyramid. If our eyes could only see energy interaction between particles (opposed to form) we would see a mathematically precise, geometrical pattern. 
This pattern, and its component parts, have been given many names over time, including: the Flower of Life, the Star of David, the Swastika, the Ichthys, the Egg of Life, the Tree of Life and of course, the Sri Yantrato name but a few. The value of this energetic pattern has been emphasized in almost EVERY major culture from around the world including Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, ancient Egyptian culture, by the Mayans and Sumerians. . . and even referenced by the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci.

This beautifully crafted structure, contains within it, this energetic ‘web’ upon which life is created – The Sri Yantra. The Sri Yantra is the backgroundblueprint or whiteboard, upon which every aspect of lifes structure can be seen and upon which all of form is created. By having the PARIMIDAM in your home or office, you can connecwith this all encompassing, energetic field to CO-CREATE and materialize your intentions and desires.

Just by looking at the central 'dot' within the Parimidam, the symbol encourages left and right brainwave synchronization, which has HUGE mental health benefits, and immediately brings about a sense of calm and peace to the person using it. By meditating on the central dot (or bindu) of the Sri Yantra symbol and by holding strong intention of what you desire in your mind’s eye, you DIRECTLY impact the powerful field of energy around you, through electromagnetic interaction. This in turn impacts the positive materialization of what you want, wish for and desire, over time, via Universal laws. Furthermore, the pyramid actually channels and FOCUSES the mental focus you bring to the Parimidam, which then concentrates and streamlines your intention. It is thought that the Egyptians (amongst other cultures worldwide) built the Pyramids for this very reason!

Parimidam Details:

  • 3inches x 3inches Brass Sri Yantra symbol.
  • Height of Pyramid - 3.5inches.
  • Dimension for the Wooden Box: 4 x 4 x 4 inches.
  • High LIGHT reflective properties.
  • Acrylic pyramid structure.
  • Beautifully hand crafted wooden box and stand.
  • Can be kept in the home, at work or transported.
  • By mentally concentrating on the symbol for a few minutes a day induces a meditative, calming mental state, hugely beneficial for mental health, mental focus and manifestation states.
  • Focussing on the Sri Yantra symbol encourages left and right brain synchronization, which increases mental acuity concentration and memory.
  • Intention/desires can be held in the Mind’s Eye and channelled into the Universe via the structure, to bring about manifestation and materialization of desire.
  • The symbol is used by virtually every major culture spanning over thousands of years.
  • Energetically, far more effective than focussing on the symbol on its own, due to the energy channelling properties of the pyramidal structure.
  • Can be used by anyone. . . regardless of culture or religion.


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