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omClub Starter Kit

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Reiki and Mantra Infused - $7.00

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Upgrade your Experience with the omClub Starter Kit: A Unique Gift Box that Gives you...

One-Of-A-Kind Consciousness-Expanding Access to Digital omClub Training content

Special offer for Project Yourself Customers.

As seen on the Travel Channel, Inc, Virgin and Doctor Oz.

With the omClub Digital Kit you receive access for 1 month to our Digital omClub training content

Express Your Higher Self With omClub

Every year, the Project Yourself team embarks on expeditions to exotic locales across the world.

Our purpose? To explore the deep wisdom of cultures in every corner of the planet, offer production opportunities to their native artisans, and respectfully share what is permitted with the rest of the world.

The result is our one-of-a-kind vault of educational training, products and curiosities: sourced everywhere from the snowy monasteries of Tibet, to the sunkissed ashrams of South India. And lovingly curated.

omClub Training includes inherent properties that awaken higher states of consciousness, concentration or personal power

What You Get In Om Club:

• 10x free monthly entries to our annual $10,000 Ancient Retreat

• Four free items from our vault of curations, delivered to your doorstep each month

• Monthly ancient wisdom training for personal growth, including videos, workbooks, guided meditations, and more

• 40% off everything in our online store. Choose from artisan-made bracelets, pendants, home accessories, and more.

• Free Reiki blessing on your items, performed by monks to enhance your item's energetic blueprint.

• Good karma. 10% of your subscription fee goes to the Shah Education & Exploration Foundation, our nonprofit that creates opportunities for underserved communities.