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Project Yourself

omClub Starter Kit

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Upgrade your Experience with the omClub Starter Kit: A Unique Gift Box that Gives you...

One-Of-A-Kind Handcrafted Jewelry, Consciousness-Expanding Artifacts, And Other Awakened Products From Across The World - Delivered To Your Doorstep

Special offer for Project Yourself Customers.

As seen on the Travel Channel, Inc, Virgin and Doctor Oz.

With the omClub Starter kit you will Receive a Package Containing A Carefully Selected Artifact From The Project Yourself Vault

Every year, the Project Yourself team embarks on expeditions to exotic locales across the world.

Our purpose? To explore the deep wisdom of cultures in every corner of the planet, offer production opportunities to their native artisans, and respectfully share what is permitted with the rest of the world.

The result is our one-of-a-kind vault of products and curiosities: sourced everywhere from the snowy monasteries of Tibet, to the sunkissed ashrams of South India. And lovingly curated so you only receive items of the highest quality, authentically crafted with traditional materials and techniques.

Also Included: A Piece Of Ancient Wisdom That Activates & Energizes Its Power

Your omClub Starter Kit contains an artifact with inherent properties that awaken higher states of consciousness, concentration or personal power. Some are blessed by monks. Some are charged by mantras. Some are imbued with positive vibrational energy.

Also included in your package is a piece of ancient wisdom to help unlock the true power of your item.

It could be a guided meditation to charge up your pendant. A mantra to compliment your ancient concentration symbol. Or even an astrological calendar to go with your wall tapestry. Along with clear and simple instructions on how to use it to enhance your omClub experience.



What You Get with Your omClub Starter Kit:

  1. One curated item,always of significant value.
  1. A piece of ancient wisdom to activate your item: like a guided meditation, mantra, or astrological calendar.
  1. Priority access to our best curated items.Our most popular items often sell out instantly; and due to their artisanal nature restocks are not always possible. omClub members get first access to these items before anyone else.
  1. Exclusive limited items. Some items we curate on our adventures are so limited, they can't be offered to the public. 
  1. Good karma.10% goes to the Shah Education & Exploration Foundation, our nonprofit that creates opportunities and infrastructure for underserved communities