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Natural Garnet Orgonite Revitalizing Necklace

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Treasured for its beauty, Garnet gemstone was prized and cherished in different regions of the world and by different tribes since ancient times. It was also used for making the weapon, used for protection by warriors, and worn as talismans. 

Garnet is deemed as a very potent regenerating, detoxifying, and energizing stone. It revitalizes, stabilizes, and purifies energy and is believed to inspire loyalty, love, and sensuality. In times of crisis, this superb stone will help you conquer fear, grief, and anxiety, increasing your self-confidence, giving courage, and much-needed hope.

Inspired by the research of Dr. Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychiatrist, Orgonite is an energy healing device made from crystals, metals, and resin. His discovery of orgone energy proved incredibly beneficial for health. Although its side effects vary from person to person, it is confirmed to have a positive outcome on all.

This Natural Garnet Orgonite Revitalizing Necklace is a great tool to enhance your spiritual growth, improve your meditation, and harness the positive benefits of Natural Garnet stone. Wearing this is a great way to continually feel the positive effects of orgonite since it is steadily in contact with your body. Your energy will be regularly refined and brought back to its original and balanced state.


✔️ Item Type: Necklace
✔️ Materials: Natural Garnet, Resin, Energy Patch
✔️ Chain Type: Link Chain
✔️ Pendant Size: 39mm x 28mm x 7mm
✔️ Chain Length: 55cm
✔️ Weight: 26g

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