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Meditation Mandala Translucidus Curtain

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"...The true mandala is always an inner image, which is gradually built up through (active) imagination, at such times when psychic equilibrium is disturbed or when a thought cannot be found and must be sought for, because it is not contained in holy doctrine. "
-- Carl Jung (Psychology and Alchemy, Princeton University Press, 1993, paragraph 123.)
Mandala is a Sanskrit word for "sacred circle" or "completion". Different religions and cultures acknowledge mandala as a part of their tradition. It is a window of reflection and knowing the inner self while connecting to the universal energy or life energy.

It is recognized by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung as a therapeutic tool. Accordingly, it is a representation of the mind, the center or what he called as the Self. In addition, it easier to project, concentrate, and internalize the unconscious through mandalas. Also, mandalas are different among individuals.

Having a mandala that is visually seen daily such as home decors allows one to fully concentrate in one's self, relieve stress and relax. Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology use it as a tool to improve perception, attention, memory, and creativity. 

The Meditation Mandala Translucidus Curtain is a great home decor and a meditation tool to fully free your mind, dig deeper into your inner self, concentrate and relax! Simply looking at it will give you calming effect that could help you all throughout your day. It's material and translucid shading permits you to welcome enough light and aura into your home and still maintain your privacy from the outside!


✔️Function: Translucidus (Shading Rate 1%-40%)
✔️Type: Tube Curtain
✔️Opening and Closing Method: Left and Right Bi-parting Open
✔️Material: 100% Polyester
✔️Pattern: Printed
✔️Applicable Window Type: All
✔️Pattern Type: Endless
✔️Type: Grommet Top/Hook/Rod pocket

  • Width 100cm x Height 270cm
  • Width 150cm x Height 270cm
  • Width 200cm x Height 250cm

✔️Quantity: 1 Piece
✔️Printing: Single-sided
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Decorate your place with Meditation Mandala Translucidus Curtain now and start your meditation journey and a stress-free home!

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