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Kerala Ayurveda Renogest, 90 Capsules

According to Acharya Sushruta, the Ahara or the ingested food after completion of digestive process converts into Saara (nutrients) and Kitta (excretory products) bhaga by the action of Samana Vayu and Pachaka pitta.* The Sara portion is absorbed and utilized for nourishment and the Kitta portion contains some nutrients and precursor of Mootra and Pureesha . Solid part of Kitta converts into Pureesha and Drava part converted to the Mootra.

Pakvaashaya and Aamaashaya are the chief organs where Mootra is formed and then it comes into Basti or urinary bladder.* Minute Nadis (specialized structures meant for transportation) arising from the large intestine, carry the urine continuously and contribute in the urine formation.Basti (mutrashaya) is seat of urine and is described as one of the Trimarma or three vital parts of our body in the vedic text. Urine gets separated from the rasa by maladhara kala with the help of Pachaka Pitta and Samana vayu and then through the mutravaha srota(channels carrying the urine) it is taken to the bladder.

We take pride in what we do, A commitment to make a healthy choice to bring Wellness, Naturally.

Ensuring our product is closest to the very nature who gives us life is part of our deep commitment at Kerala Ayurveda to your well-being. Upholding such a high standard of quality is worth our every effort, and it takes many of our dedicated team members to make this possible. Each product undergoes careful analysis by our in-house Research & Development and Quality Control teams to ensure we meet all of the required quality benchmarks.