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Kerala Ayurveda Lumbagest, 90 Capsules

Lumbagest is a potentiated formulation inspired from a combination of ancient ayurveda oils mentioned in the Ayurvedic treatises for Comprehensive Lumbar Spine Care.* The capsule contains enriched & effective actives, since 'Avarthanam' a technique of potentiating the formulation with the objective of increasing the therapeutic properties of formulation and reducing dosage was used.The name Simhasyadi kwatha comes from one of its key ingredient herb so called Simhasya also known as Vasa (Adathoda vasica). Another herbal blend included in Lumbagest is the traditional Nirgundi- Eranda Prayoga.According to Ayurvedic principles, Katigraha is the result of vitiated Vata and associated Dosha imbalance.* The vitiated Vata when it takes Ashraya in Kati Pradesha it leads to the Shoshana of the Shleshaka Kapha present in the Sandhi

We take pride in what we do, A commitment to make a healthy choice to bring Wellness, Naturally.

Ensuring our product is closest to the very nature who gives us life is part of our deep commitment at Kerala Ayurveda to your well-being. Upholding such a high standard of quality is worth our every effort, and it takes many of our dedicated team members to make this possible. Each product undergoes careful analysis by our in-house Research & Development and Quality Control teams to ensure we meet all of the required quality benchmarks.