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Kerala Ayurveda Balahatadi Keram, 200 ml

Abhyanga is the practice of oil application over the body. It’s mentioned in Dinacharya, or the daily regimen recommended by Vagbhata, as an integral practice in the Ayurveda. Ayurveda has several oil preparations with varying combinations of herbs to suit according to the body condition and dosha predominance. Among these oils, there are several recipes which are relaxing and calming, promoting natural sound sleep, support mind health and also support in maintaining overall health. One such traditional formulation is Balahatadi Keram.

The main ingredients of Balahatadi thailam are Bala and Hatha or Amalaki, with a base of freshly pressed coconut oil. Bala, whose literal Sanskrit meaning is “that which provides strength,” has been extensively used in Ayurveda. Highly revered in the Vedas, Amla is mentioned as Divya aushadhi, meaning divine plant in Puranas.Tridosha pacifying properties make it a unique herb. According to mythology, the Amla tree is said to be germinated from the tears of Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe. Since the Amla tree was the first tree to manifest itself on the earth, it is also known as Adiroha, pre-eminent tree. All the benefits of the Amla tree and its fruit have been described by Sage Vyasa in Skanda.

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