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Golden Accents Buddha Head Painting

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It is believed that the image of Buddha holds a significant meaning aside from just a symbolism of Buddhism. Every part and movement of a Buddha statue depicts a certain impression and meaning. 

The Buddha’s face and head exhibit the wealth in knowledge, wisdom and being the enlightened one. His visage, his elongated earlobes represents hearing what must be heard in the world and his full lips illustrate being eloquent in speech. It is a representation of nobility and moral life.

The gold tones in many Buddhism arts are associated with the sun. Most gold tones placed in sacred statues and other artforms in Buddhism are pure gold. It stands for purity, happiness, freedom, and knowledge. 

Having an image or art of Buddha with gold tones in an office or homes attract happiness, luck, knowledge, and wealth.  Painting with Buddha’s face generates positive energies that help reduce stress levels, increase calmness, bliss, and peace within the room. According to ancient Chinese belief, Fengshui- pictures of Buddha in a room increases the flow of the life force or Chi energy, which attracts wealth, prosperity and fortune. 

Grab this premium colored gold-accented Buddha canvas, have it framed and hang it on the wall in your home or office. Feel positive energy and all that is good that comes with it!


Item Details:

✔️Image: Buddha

✔️Shape: Rectangle

✔️Material: Canvas

✔️Frame:  None


    • Size 1: 30cm x 40cm | 12in x 16in
    • Size 2:40cm x 60cm | 16in x 24in
    • Size 3:50cm x 75cm | 20in x 30in
    • Size 4:60cm x 90cm | 24in x 36in

✔️Hangs In: Living Rooms, Bedrooms, Nurseries, Offices, Cafes, Hotels, anywhere!

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