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Emblem of Enlightenment Aromatherapy Candle Holder

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"Knowing others is wisdom but knowing yourself is enlightenment."
-- Buddha 

To know others is achieving wisdom, but knowing yourself, deepest desires and shadows take courage, strength, and preparedness. To know yourself is achieving your own enlightenment. To help you with this journey, use the Emblem of Enlightenment Aromatherapy Candle Holderduring meditation, alone time and other activities you find to help you know your true self.

The Emblem of Enlightenment Aromatherapy Candle Holder is porcelain molded with the image of the 'Enlightened One'- Buddha. Having the image of Buddha within your home is believed to induce and balance calming energy. It brings serenity and peace. It also serves as a reminder of the teachings of Buddhism.

Buddhism isn't just a religion, it is a way of life. It teaches you to maintain a moral life, having compassion and awareness of your thoughts and actions. It also encourages you to manifest wisdom and great understanding allowing you to know your self better.  

Use the Emblem of Enlightenment Aromatherapy Candle Holder as a candle holder, incense holder or a flower pot. Use it while you meditate, pray, having an aromatherapy session or just having alone time. It's simple yet beautiful enough to turn attention to this piece!


✔️Finishing: Glazed
✔️Ceramic Type: Porcelain
✔️Material: Ceramic
✔️Item Type: Aromatherapy candle holder
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