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Divination Dodecahedron Astrology Dice

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Have your future guided!

Divination is an art or practice that seeks to discover or foresee the future, hidden knowledge and events through interpreting omens and supernatural forms. This practiced has been present even in the early stages of civilization and had been utilized by shamans, priests, and kings as a way to discern certain aspects that is related to their field.

There are many ways of divination, one of which is Astrology. In astrology, one of the tools being utilized is the astrology dice. The Divination Dodecahedron Astrology Dice is a system derived from Wessex Astrologers. It is composed of three 12 sided dice or dodecahedrons each representing different parts of astrology. One dice depicts the twelve planets in astrology, another die represents the twelve zodiac signs and the other is composed of the astrology’s twelve houses.

The Divination Dodecahedron Astrology Dice works just like the tarots, before tossing the dice one must focus on the question or thought that one requires an answer. After tossing, each sign that has been revealed must be interpreted. The fully understand the result of the dice, one must be completely aware of its astrological meanings. It would also help to inject aspects such as ephemeris, sextile, quincunx, and conjunction. 

The results of interpretation of the dice are not always what is written on your natal chart, but let it be your guide to your future endeavors, decisions and actions.

The Divination Dodecahedron Astrology Dice is made of high-quality acrylic with clear embossed symbols making it last a lifetime!


✔️Material: High-Quality Plastic, Acrylic
✔️Dice Color: Black
✔️Item Type: Astrology Dice/Tarot Dice
✔️Size 7 pieces. Set:16mm x 16mm
✔️Weight 7 pieces. Set: 30g
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Start predicting your future with the use of Divination Dodecahedron Astrology Dice and let your decisions, actions and endeavors be guided!

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