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Aerial Yoga Swing Set

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The Aerial Yoga Swing set strengthens and loosens the muscles surrounding the spine naturally, allowing your spine to breathe and heal. It works in three main ways:

Traction: Creates natural, body weight traction - the safest and most effective kind.

Back and Core Strengthening: Inverted, gravity resistance training promotes dynamic, deep core strength

Flexibility: You can do the safest, deepest backbend you could ever do unassisted (and painless).

Other benefits include:

  • Relieve Back Pain: Inversion therapy is amazing for your back. Achieve instant traction on your spine, naturally creating more space between your vertebrae by hanging upside down from your hips.
  • Improve Your Back Bends: With passive, inverted back bends, you can hold poses much longer without fatigue, allowing you to make big mobility gains particularly in the mid- and upper-back and chest.
  • Pro-Grade Quality: This is the same model used in studios worldwide and includes gym-grade grip rubber handles, rock-climber grade carabiners on sling and handles, parachute material fabric that has been stress-tested to 300kg/600lbs.
Installation steps:
1.Install each hook on the ceiling, fixed disk or sustained steel, preferably spaced 50-80cm (or 20-30in) apart. Installation must be able to bear the stationary weight.
2.If the ceiling is high, you can purchase additional extenders from 1.4 to 1.5 meters, high ceilings so it also can be used.
1. Yoga hammock hanging anchor must be solid.
2. Must have an allowance of not more than 15cm (6inches) from the floor when hanging upside down to prevent injuries in case of falls/accidents.
3. Before using the yoga hammock, please ensure that the hook plate is not loose or if extended belts are not worn out from excessive use.
4. Avoid carrying sharp objects that may damage the yoga hammock.
5. This product is not fireproof fabric, please keep away from fire.
6. Please avoid gravel, twigs, and other sharp objects underneath the surrounding ground level.


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Product Details:

  • Item: Yoga Equipment
  • Item Type: Aerial Yoga Swing
  • Item Condition: Brand New
  • Material: High Density Nylon Fabric
  • Design: Solid
  • Size: 250cm x 150cm | 98.43in x 59.06in
  • Weight Capacity: 200kg - 300kg | 440lbs - 600lbs
  • Package Includes:
    1 x Yoga Hammock
    6 x Handles
    4 x Mountaineering Buckles
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