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5 Panel Dawn of A New Light Canvas Painting

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The image of Buddha conveys a lot of symbolic meaning.  Buddha’s head and face represent enlightenment and wisdom. To see the inner and outer perspective of life is represented by his half-closed eyes as a sign of meditation. To hear what must be heard is depicted by elongated earlobes. His full lips and mouth represent an articulate speech. 

The lotus flower has been known as a symbol of ascension, purity, devotion, and rebirth. It is a depiction of how difficulties and trials can bring forth a majestic transformation in a person. A lotus flower emerges from a murky mud(trials and problems) and from that emerges a beautiful flower, a representation of how a person turned out even after difficulties and trials.

A painting of Buddha’s head or face and a lotus flower is said to attract wealth, fortune, wisdom, and peace within an office and home. 

Grab this limited edition canvas painting, have it framed and hang it to your wall. And start attracting all that is good!

Item Details:

✔️Image: Buddha

✔️Material: Canvas

✔️Frame:  Optional



    • Size 1:20cm x 35cm (2pcs), 20cm x 45cm (2pcs), 20cm x 55cm (1pc)
      | 8in x 14in (2pcs), 8in x 18in (2pcs), 8in x 22in (1pc)
    • Size 2:30cm x 50cm (2pcs), 30cm x 65cm (2pcs), 30cm x 80cm (1pc)
      | 12in x 20in (2pcs), 12in x 26in (2pcs), 12in x 32in (1pc)

✔️Hangs In: Living Rooms, Bedrooms, Nurseries, Offices, Cafes, Hotels, anywhere!

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