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108 Flat Natural Lapis Lazuli Stone Mala With 6 Syllable Mantra Tassel and Buddha Head Charm

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The universal symbol of truth and wisdom, the Lapis Lazuli known to be a stone used to present to the royal families in ancient Egypt. It is used to ornate the breastplates of High Priest, burials of kings and queens and many more. It is a symbol showing the status of being a god.

Aside from being indicative of status, Lapis Lazuli has properties that are excellent to stimulate intellect, judgment, and wisdom. It enhances and activates the higher and deeper mind, producing wisdom, understanding, and learning.

It creates a harmonious family relationship, honesty, and great communication.

The Buddha's head symbolizes the enlightenment, wisdom, and zen. The half-closed eye depicts meditation; elongated ears illustrate hearing what must be heard, the dot on the forehead conveys the third eye and wisdom.

The number 108, a well known sacred number with so many meanings. It is said that there are 108 converging energy lines or chakras to form the heart chakra. There are also 108 different types of meditations. And 108 Mala beads used in reciting mantras and chants.

Feel the vibrations and energy released while chanting mantras 108 times. Be reminded of Buddha’s wisdom and teachings and attract the intellectual power drawn by Lapis Lazuli.

Product Details:

✔️Condition: Brand New

✔️Shape\pattern: Round

✔️Material: Natural Stone (Lapis Lauzuli), Zinc Alloy

✔️Chain Type:Rope

✔️Bead Count: 108 Beads

✔️Bead Size: 8mm | 0.31in

✔️Necklace Length:64cm | 25.2in (measurement not including tassel)

✔️Tassel Length: 10cm | 3.9in

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