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Inner Peace And Emotional Balance
Explore Our Curations That Harness Ancient Wisdom & The Power Of Nature To Calm Your Worries & Ease Your Mind...


Van Gogh said that even in the fiercest storm, there is peace. And this is because the essence of nature is calmness, despite how chaotic things might seem. 

This is also true for you and your mind.

Even if you’re wrestling with inner turmoil, anxiety, worries, or a stubborn challenge that just won’t resolve itself - your inner peace is much closer than you think.

In fact, inner peace is a choice. And it’s one you can make right now, when you know how to call on it.

Peace Is All Around You

There are many natural paths to inner peace. Some come in the form of ancient practices and exercises that instantly melt away stress and anxiety. 

Others are physical materials or ingredients that guide your mind into deeper states of calm.

When you harness the right tools available to you, inner peace and emotional wellness come easily and naturally.

Tools & Practices For Inner Peace

Meditation: meditation guides you into unshakable states of relaxation. Certain scents, crystals, and natural ingredients help you achieve meditative states.

Aromatherapy: natural incense and essential oils like lavender, jasmine, and lemongrass offer instant relaxation and stillness.

Crystals: crystals like amethyst, fluorite, and blue tourmaline carry a potent vibration of peace, and have been used for millennia for this purpose.

Energy Healing: inner turmoil often comes from energetic blocks or wounds inside you, for example in your Crown Chakra.

Inner Peace and Emotional Balance Bundle

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Relax, rejuvenate, and return to your center with this bundle of curations that awaken peace and emotional balance.

Bathe your living space in the healing mists of ayurvedic essential oils with our humidifier - and channel inner peace and stillness to your every moment with our lapis lazuli diffuser mala.

Ayurvedic essential oils are the perfect remedy to stress, inner turmoil, and hard days - and they also come with a variety of other benefits, including:

* Enhancing your immune system
* Promoting deeper, more restful sleep
* Boosting creativity and intuition
* Helping you concentrate and be more productive
* Achieving deeper states of consciousness during meditation
* Chakra healing

Just apply a few drops of your favorite essential oil into your oil humidifier, or on your mala - and let your mind, body, and soul soak in all their natural goodness.

Curations In This Bundle:

Healing Vase Oil Humidifier
The Ayurvedic Healer Essential Oil Kit
Lapis Lazuli  and Black Lava Stone 108 Diffuser Healing Mala

Please note: 

* Our curations are fully handmade in accordance with ancient tradition. Some items may show a natural variance in color and shape: but remember that your curations are one-of-a-kind and unique to you!

* Our artisans produce our curations in small batches: there are no large factories and assembly lines! This means supplies are limited, and restocks are not guaranteed. If you see something you like here or anywhere in our store, we recommend securing it immediately to avoid disappointment and long waits.

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This bundle represents our community’s most beloved curations for Inner Peace and Emotional Balance. Order now to secure your 40% discount.


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