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Om Chakra Healing Crystal Singing Bowl

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Everything in the universe, in its most basic form, is composed of energy.

As such, everything has a natural frequency vibration. Energy, light, atoms, molecules, and even our planet are vibrating at specific frequencies are thus producing “sound”.

This includes every living cell in our bodies as well as the energy centers of our bodies, known as Chakra centers.

Just like a musical instrument that emits sound, our chakras and our cells can either be in tune or out of tune. Every cell and chakra center is naturally tuned to maintain well being and health. But physical, mental and environmental factors can interfere and cause these vibrations to go out of tune and into a state of imbalance.
Our Om Chakra Healing Crystal Singing Bowls are tuned to the body’s Chakra centers so, much like a tuning fork causes resonance to adjacent objects, when played, they help tune chakra centers to resonate in their proper, natural state. In doing so, they allow for the free flow of energy throughout the body, mind and spirit.


Product Details

✔️Material: Quartz Crystal

✔️Musical Note:  A - G

✔️Diameter: 20cm - 30cm

✔️Weight: 2kg

✔️Size: 8"

✔️Frequency: 440Hz

✔️Package: 1x Crystal Singing Bowl, 1x Rubber Mallet, 1x Rubber O-ring

✔️Application:: Sound therapy, Yoga, Meditation, Healing

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