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Balancing Hematite Agate Protection Bracelets PLUS Free Bonus

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Reiki and Mantra Infused - $7.00

Lifetime Warranty - $7.00

Abundance, Healing, Protection, Inner Strength Blessings - $19.00

What You Get When You Order Now:

* A set of two premium quality bracelets for grounding and protection: one handcrafted with Hematite, and the other with Agate.

* Each bracelet has been infused with healing Reiki energyby our affiliated monks, in order to enhance their potency.

* Complete your Healing & Protection set: the bracelets are the perfect companion to your Deep Dive Meditations; use them together for maximum positive effects.

* 10% of your purchase goes to Covid-19 relief efforts through our sister nonprofit, the Shah Education & Exploration Foundation (SEEF).

* FREE bonus ($76 value): 4 live online Community Unity sessions featuring explorations in ancient wisdom for challenging times, and live group guided meditations

*A special 55% discount on your order: our reward to you for your commitment to inner peace and wellness. 

10% Of Your Purchase Goes Towards Global COVID-19 Relief Efforts

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