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Natural Phantom Quartz

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Phantom Quartz Crystals are amazing and beautiful formations, some taking millennia. These crystals take form  when a quartz forms over other crystals or minerals another material other than quartz. The crystal continues to grow creating a spectacular piece. The slow formation allows this crystal to absorb the knowledge and wisdom of the earth.

A phantom quartz is great for moving past blockages and give you inspiration, clarity, and strength to help you resolve your past issues with inner growth. It dispels negative energies that prevent the positive flow in your life and help you overcome stagnation with a fresh burst of inspiration and enthusiasm. Just like the crystal’s formation, it helps you to have a deeper understanding with the different stages and cycles of life where in anything that hinders you can be overcome and becomes a part of you that makes you beautiful. It is a stone that transforms your obstacles in to strengths.


Product Details:

  • Item Type: Raw Stones
  • Item Condition: Brand New
  • Material: Phantom Quartz
  • Quantity: 1 piece
  • Note: Each stone may look slightly different from the pictures because of its raw nature
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