Death and taxes may be certain, but this is up to you.

Death and taxes may be certain, but this is up to you.


They say that life isn’t easy but it’s worth it. The nature we see surrounding us, whether on a television show or in our own backyard, can be cruel. It’s difficult to find out the little bunnies you’ve been watching grow off of your front porch have been overtaken by a hungry coyote. You wonder why something so innocent must end up a link in the food chain. It is the same with the human race. We are metaphorical links in the proverbial food chain.

For some of us this can be a tough pill to swallow. Those who are especially sensitive to suffering and hardship may find it difficult to keep going and question whether it is necessary. Is there a reason to wake up in the morning when plagued by so much sadness or defeat?

We all may ask ourselves these questions at one point or another. We know that we have the right to happiness, but when it eludes us, there sometimes feels like there is no way out of despair. The truth is that we can’t just magically snap out of it. We have to make an effort and look inside ourselves for a solution. 

The Simple Things

Being in a funk or stuck in a rut is not a pleasurable experience. It’s easy to place blame on the universe for being so unfair to us. Changing our attitude can be a chore but there is a place to start. Think of all the little things that you enjoy. You might like going to the movies and laughing at some ridiculous scenario or sobbing when the hero and heroine finally get together in a drama. You might like a thick slice of decadent chocolate cake. You might like to amble around the park for a breath of fresh air.

These examples might not seem that significant if you are trying to make it through a divorce or mourning the loss of a loved one, but the joy derived from it can give you a little spark of encouragement. The little things are what count in the long run. They are the simple pleasures that can make an otherwise grueling day bearable.

It might not work on the first try. The comedy might not seem funny or the chocolate cake might not taste as sweet but you have the ability to give it another shot. You can start each day with a fresh perspective and, slowly but surely, those tiny moments can get you through the sadness.

A Physical Presence

Most of us believe that we have an eternal soul. We do our best to take care of it and keep it as pure as possible. We go to church or we meditate. We avoid doing harm to others and we stick to our morals. Though this is an imperative function for happiness, think about what this soul is when personified? It is our being amplified in the land of the living. We have the opportunity to show our soul on the outside, and it’s our only real chance to do so.

Instead of thinking of your body as something that has to be disciplined by working out at the gym or being slathered with makeup or trussed up in fancy clothes, think of it as a way to bring your eternal spirit forward. Your body shouldn’t be just a tool to make you attractive to others but a tool that can make a difference, attain knowledge, and find meaningful enjoyment.

So many times we take for granted that we’ve got two arms and two legs with which to DO something. We can use the senses given us to explore and learn not to mention the ability to accept and show love even when we feel it might not be reciprocated. The fact that you can feel love for someone or something is certainly a reason to keep plugging along.

Paying It Forward

Showing love to someone is the best way to make the most of your life. It is infectious. Not only can you make your own life worthwhile by loving, you can make someone else’s, too. We all know that there is always someone who has it worse than us. Our mothers have been telling us this our whole lives. As much as we didn’t like to hear it when our high school boyfriend broke up with us after two glorious weeks, she was right. Putting your own situation into context can really change your mind.

You may want to sit and wallow in your own self-pity after something traumatic, and that’s okay. You have to help yourself before you can help anyone else, but as soon as you feel strong enough to assist someone in need, you can see that life isn’t about only you. The world wouldn’t work with just one person in it. We have to help each other.

Benevolence is an excellent weapon against skepticism. Whenever you begin to lose hope, look at children at play. That child doesn’t think these cynical thoughts. They only think about how they are going to spend each day and what adventures are in store. They require care from others to live and to be healthy. As an adult able to care for yourself, you have the option to look at the world the same way that child does.

Better Than the Alternative

If we aren’t living life then what is there? No one knows for certain. Would you rather run the risk of nothingness just to avoid the complications of your world? Certainly not. Even if you are feeling down, angry or confused, remember that you are FEELING. You have that power! As an existing being, you’ve got a fantastic set of emotions. You might as well use them all…at least a little. It makes the good ones feel that much better.

The other critical thing to remember is that your time on earth is finite whether you want it to be or not. This time, right now, may be the only chance you have to make the most of your own story. We all had a beginning. It’s your choice to see how the rest of it plays out until we reach the end.

If you enjoyed reading about Death and taxes may be certain, but this is up to you., remember this is just one of many ways to ‘bend’ reality, tap into powers beyond your conscious existence… and connect with your infinite self.