The Ancient Secret To Losing Weight!

Every summer, a lot of people are looking for ways to get rid of those extra few pounds stored during the hibernation phase of winter.

Green Tea has a lot of great benefits for any individual seeking to lose or maintain weight.  Not only does it contain appetite-reducing compounds, while reducing inflammation, it also can improve insulin sensitivity. This is especially important to anyone who struggles with being heavyset or obese. Belly fat produces harmful, inflammatory chemicals that intensify the aging process and can lead to other illnesses. Several ingredients of green tea have also shown to protect humans against cellular or organ damage that occurs from inflammation. Although it may have some diuretic effects, these can be balanced by drinking a lot of water to offset it.

Green tea does not have to be gourmet! Believe it or not, you can find a lot of good ones in your local grocery store. Although the prices often seem high for green tea that weighs very little, in fact, the costs of even premium green tea are much less that a “Caramel Frappe” or other fancy beverage. Those are also high in fat and calories!

In addition to their fat burning abilities, the ingredients in green tea have additional health benefits.  Its chock full of antioxidants, catechins, epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) and a bit of caffeine. While the faster metabolic rate may have some small benefit in terms of producing weight loss, the appetite suppressant effects in green tea are probably even more important.

Green tea and/or its extracts appear to:

-enhance mood
-increases energy expenditure
-protect a variety of organs from diabetes, obesity, inflammation
-lowers blood pressure
-helps body soak up less fat from intestines (leaky gut)
-alters genes that accumulate fat
-limits tissue damage from low oxygen levels
-preserves brain function/learning
-offers optimal glucose control, lower cholesterol levels, more weight loss
-results in thinner waistline

Hence, the continuous ingestion of green tea could help with a gradual reduction in body fat, systolic blood pressure (SBP), and LDL cholesterol. It may also contribute to a decrease in obesity and cardiovascular disease risks.

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