How to Express Being Grateful

How to Express Being Grateful

How do you acknowledge others when you feel grateful? Sometimes . . . there are no words . . . there’s just the feeling of being grateful.

Here is a guided meditation for you to remember the people, things and all of your life’s reasons to simply be grateful.


A Guided Meditation on Gratitude

Usually as a writer, I can find the right words to express myself, my thoughts and my feelings.

There are two times I just . . . wasn’t able to.

When my daughter and my son were born, my body and mind filled with this emotion that felt like divine energy.

It came from within, but a deep place of pure gratitude. Where I could not find words but only feeling.

Each time, I was grateful for being a vessel of creation…for the amazing beings that chose me.

They chose me to be their mother.

And even now, when I look into their eyes, that feeling rushes back to me. I am reminded of it and the power of gratitude.

With love and light,

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