Meditation Or Sex?

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Both, ideally.

People often espouse the benefits of a daily meditation practice. I follow one myself.

I meditate to renew my connection to spirit, the flow of life, and the voice of my intuition.

What about a daily sexual practice?

For millennia, or shall we say millennia ago, ancient Taoists recommended a twice daily “sexual meditation” practice which they referred to as a morning and evening prayer.

It was a way for couples to come together and be nourished, balanced and strengthened by one another.

Good sex is a meditation, if you are doing it right.

Even science agrees. Studies have shown that sex lights up the same centers of the brain as meditation. It throws you into a more visceral, non-censored state. You act without thinking. You act from a place of knowing. And being.

That’s why sex is my secret weapon.

Before a big meeting, or shooting a video, or giving a talk, I make sure I have ample time for an extended sex session or a self-pleasuring date.

I up the chances that I’m relaxed, centered and coming from an authentic place in everything I do.

Connecting daily to your sexual energy keeps you in touch with one of the most powerful energy sources you have.

Sexual energy is vital, life-force energy. It is the essence of your creative, pro-creative being. It’s important to keep it flowing.

Suppressing this energy is like trying to stop the force of a volcano. The molten lava simply finds another exit point—one you have less control over.

Most people carry with them the remnants of belief systems casting sex in a shameful or “unspiritual” light.

Instead, look at your sexual energy as an incredible force that you can harness and channel into your day-to-day life: work, relationship, family and friends. It’s potent medicine that you can use any time you like.

You’ll find yourself rejuvenated beyond measure.

Or we could measure it.

An institute in Austria has.

A study was conducted in 1996 at the Institute for Applied Biocybernetics Feedback Research, which demonstrated that people in the throes of extended sexual orgasm had brain wave states seen in people engaged in deep meditation.

Mantak Chia, the world’s foremost teacher of ancient Taoist sexual practices, was tested on the device as he practiced Taoist methods for circulating sexual energy and extending the length of arousal (some of which I describe here.

He tested higher in performance levels measuring concentration and health than any other human tested at the Institute. Ever. His electrical current readings remained high for the next 15 hours.

While it’s ideal to meditate and have sex daily, sometimes you have to choose.

Armed with the knowledge that powerful sex is equal to the highest states of meditation…

Two birds, one orgasm.

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Kim Anami is a sex and relationship coach, writer and speaker.

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