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8 Vital Abundance Affirmations

by Amish Shah

This article first appeared in mindbodygreen.com and is written by Tisha Morris

Let’s be honest. Who doesn’t want more money? So what’s a spiritualist to do?

Affirmations are a great place to start. I love affirmations, partly because my scientific brain can wrangle in this concept. While your conscious mind may want more money, your subconscious mind may be working on a different agenda, potentially sabotaged by old belief systems, implanted societal fear, or simple unworthiness. This is why it is so important to be conscious of your subconscious. Using affirmations is a great way to re-program the subconscious mind is to be more in alignment with what you consciously want in your life.

The more the affirmation is repeated, the more the subconscious is being programmed to believe it. There are actually new neural pathways being formed. For example, if you repeat an affirmation such as, “I attract abundance in all areas of my life,” your subconscious mind will take it as truth as it has no filter and no sense of time. The amount of time it takes will depend on how engrained the current belief system being re-programmed is in your subconscious. Set aside a specific time each day to repeat the affirmation, thereby making it a priority.

In Ancient Hindu practices, an affirmation, called a Mantra in Sanskrit, is repeated 108 times at least daily. This practice can be extremely powerful because of its ancient roots having been performed for thousands of years. Prayer, or mala, beads are often used to count the mantra 108 times. The language of Sanskrit was based more on energy than meaning so that each word carries a specific vibration or energy with it making even more powerful as it vibrates from and out of the body. For this reason, I have included a few Sanskrit mantras.

1. My Income is Increasing.
Note: You always want each and every word of an affirmation to be positive. For example, “I will be rid of debt” only reinforces “debt”.

2. Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha (pron. OM SHREEM MAH-HA LAKSH-MEE-YEI SHAH-HA).

This is the quintessential Sanskrit mantra for abundance! Shrim is the seed sound for abundance along with the goddess Lakshmi. Swaha is the divine feminine which is representative of receiving.

3. I am Open and Receptive to New Avenues of Income.
This affirmation allows us to open our minds from becoming too tunnel-visioned. There are so many opportunites awaiting us if we just step outside our patterned ways of thinking.

4. Everything I Touch is a Success.
Perfect for someone who is insecure about being self-employed or if you just want to boost sales!

5. Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha (pron. OM GUM GUH-NUH-PUH-TUH-YEI NAHM-AH-HA).
This mantra is based around Ganesha, who in Vedic texts is known as the remover of obstacles. Thus, this is a powerful mantra in removing obstacles that may be preventing you from bringing in abundance.

6. There is Plenty for Everyone, Including Me.
Note: The subconscious takes everything as truth. So, even if you don’t believe an affirmation it is still working. Given enough time, you will start to believe it.

7. I Now Create a Wonderful New Job.
This is perfect for someone between jobs or someone seeking a better job.

8. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
Nothing brings more to you than gratitude. Gratitude is the most powerful emotion in the Law of Attraction.

Tisha Morris is a feng shui consultant and the author of Feng Shui Your Life: The Quick Guide to Decluttering Your Home and Renewing Your Life (Turner Publishing).

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Amish Shah

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