5 Minute Meditation For More Passion

This article first appeared in mindbodygreen.com and is written by Betsi Iris Mufson

We all love feeling passionate and alive, but what ignites passion is different for all of us. I enjoy bringing my passion to mundane tasks (sweeping, cleaning), but instantly feel passionate when I’m swimming in the sea or dancing to my favorite music. The recipes for passion are endless and unique, but one ingredient is essential: being “in the moment.”

When we are attracted to another person, or are feeling passionate, the great “thing” we feel is actually taking place inside of us. Our inner world determines our feelings, and especially our passion! To increase your passion, explore yourself and the world more deeply.

This is where the ancient practice of meditation can help. While deep meditation can bring you to a state of complete peace, a simple meditation practice can help you develop your ability to “be present” and enjoy more thoroughly anything you do!

Here’s a little meditative exercise to help you get in touch with your passion:

Find a piece of fruit (or a shell, or flower). Pick up the piece of fruit and take a look at it, then place it somewhere out of your view.

Now try this simple five-minute meditation:

1. Sit comfortably in a chair (however you wish, there is no right way).

2. Gently close your eyes.

3. Breathe freely and deeply (no right way, just breathe).

4. Pay no attention to what your mind is thinking, just continue to breathe.

5. Open your heart, feel it fill with love and passion as you inhale.

Repeat steps 3-5 until the five minutes have ended.

When you’re done, go retrieve your piece of fruit (shell, flower). With a deeper awareness, pick up the fruit again. Take a closer look at your piece of fruit and try finding something beautiful or unique about it. Perhaps you can even imagine it hanging from a tree in the soft light of the autumn moon. What will it taste like?

I could go on about the delight I experience while looking at a juicy red apple, but this meditation practice was for you! Did a little inner cultivation give you a sense of how much more deeply you can experience anything, even looking at a piece of fruit? Maybe you can try the meditation again if it didn’t. It can help practicing meditation in a quiet place where you feel completely at ease. And repetition throughout the day, every day, is the start of bringing more depth into all your experiences.

As a professional and mother of four, I understand we have limited time to explore our depths, but isn’t feeling more passion worth it? Bringing our ability to “be present” for more of daily life can transform many mundane experiences. And imagine what a deeper presence can bring to our relationships!

The simple act of practicing a five-minute meditation regularly can be a great way to increase your passion as well as a wonderful first step on your journey inward. May we all live with more passion and presence every day!


Betsi Iris Mufson MSW was the free spirited grad student at Smith College who wrote her thesis on the use of meditation in psychotherapy.

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