Inc. 500 entrepreneur & metaphysical explorer Amish Shah invites YOU to join our tribe of over 150,000 reality-bending superhumans and...

Discover the ancient wisdom & space-age tools used by history's most successful visionaries to redefine the boundaries of human potential.

Join the Project:Yourself tribe today, and get a FREE Reality Bending Course - packed with ancient wisdom and space-age tools for activating your dormant creation powers... and sparking a bold new reality for yourself and the planet. 


Amish Shah
Inc. 500 Entrepreneur & Reality Hacker

Do you believe in your own superhuman potential?

Is there a game-changing visionary stuck inside you, itching to get out? A successful and conscious entrepreneur? A high-impact philanthropist? Or simply a more fulfilled, well-rounded individual?

Whatever it is you aspire to be, I know what keeps you awake at night. What keeps you hungry.

It’s being reminded every day that you’re not there yet. That you’re not in peak performance mode, honoring your purpose. That uncontrollable circumstances, luck and your own limiting beliefs still trip you up.

And that’s what this tribe of people is all about: soaring above every obstacle that has ever held us back from getting there.

How? By uncovering and harnessing specific creation tools that are quietly being used by many of the world’s most successful movers & shakers

My name is Amish Shah. And I've found a few life-altering truths that may open the floodgates to your highest destiny.

I grew up in a poor family, selling candy and newspapers to get by. But now, at 33, I live a crazy blessed life. I’m an Inc. 500 entrepreneur. I have several business, and all the freedom I could possibly want. I travel the world, seeking ancient treasure. And I have a beautiful wife and daughter; the centers of my universe.

My success is nothing unusual. You’ve heard this rags-to-riches story many times before.

It’s how I did it that might surprise you. In fact if you don’t believe in the possibility that there’s more to reality than meets the eye, it might even offend you.

Because I’ve spent years studying a wide scope of ‘fringe’ sciences and ancient texts. Searching for that sweet spot between science and spirituality. And observing what really goes on amongst some of the world’s most accomplished people.

In this time, I've discovered a number of dormant human powers and ancient technologies that have allowed me to BEND my reality... and achieve "impossible" things.

I call these powers and technologies Reality Hacks - because they empower you to ‘hack’ into your reality, and do what others cannot. And some of them include...

Sacred Geometry for understanding complex patterns in the world around you.

Quantum mechanics for 'downloading' infinite streams of wisdom from your surroundings.

Heart intelligence for evaporating stress and boosting your intuition & immune system.

Brainwave entrainment for achieving monk-like levels of meditation and relaxation.

Sexual transmutation for channelling your sexual energy intro extraordinary inspiration.

Lucid dreaming for using your states of sleep to solve problems in your waking reality.

And many, many more...

Maybe you’ve heard of some of these skills before. Maybe you’ve tried them. But do you know how to harness their full potential... and how deep down the rabbit hole really goes?

I’m here to guide you on this journey. So you can project your greatest life into existence.

Welcome to the Project:Yourself tribe. The launchpad to your breathtaking new reality.

In a few short weeks, over 6,000 people worldwide have joined this online community.

We are a close-knit group of people committed to harnessing unconventional scientific and spiritual wisdom to align ourselves with our infinite potentials... and spark massive change. For ourselves, our loved ones and the planet.

I personally lead this tribe by sharing my findings through email and Facebook, and organizing online and offline events amongst our members. Members are also encouraged to contribute, and help each other out.

I believe magic can happen when this many driven & like-minded people get together. And I believe the best way to show you the power of these Reality Hacks, is to help you experience them for yourself.

This is why I'm giving away FREE access to my Reality Bending course on this page

Just create your free account on this page, and I’ll give you full access to my popular Reality Bending course. Plus a lifetime membership to our global tribe.

Read the PDF ebook in the course, watch the videos, then try the simple yet immersive Deep Dive Mind Exercise... and expect almost instant changes in the way you think, act and feel. Look out for positive synchronicities happening around you in the coming days and weeks.

And remember: this is just the beginning of a transformational journey into the ancient technologies and dormant human powers that will skyrocket you to a whole new level of success and fulfillment.

Aside from the kit, you’ll also start receiving Reality Bending coaching emails and exclusive community event invites from me, which you can unsubscribe from at any time.

Here's what you're getting in your FREE Reality Bending Course:

An immersive Deep Dive Creation Exercise (audio recording) for diving within and switching on your reality-bending powers.

A PDF ebook revealing how to tap into the mysterious creation powers of the Sri Yantra: an ancient 12,000-year-old symbol revered by scientists and mystics alike.

Eye-opening case studies and interviews with real-life Reality Hackers in our community who have used their newly switched on abilities to achieve incredible things.

Lifetime membership to our global online tribe of people who share your values, worldview and passion for an awakened future.

And a few other surprise nuggets of reality-bending wisdom that will leave a massive impact on your self empowerment.