Secure your spot on this page, and join our tribe as we dive into the ancient wisdom, cosmic phenomena and forbidden science for achieving the impossible in every area of your life all by decoding the ancient 12,000 year old symbol known as the Sri Yantra...

Forget everything you think you know about self help, spirituality and mind science. The Project:Yourself home training program is the definitive ‘game plan’ of lifealtering tools, exercises and insights for the no BS person seeking massive personal transformation.

When you enroll, you’ll gain access to 9 video training sessions each corresponding to a different layer of the Sri Yantra symbol as you dive deep within yourself, unlock your hidden powers, and project your ideal life, kicking and screaming, into your reality!

Sound too good to be true? Well, it's going to be REALITY for a select number of participants. We’re limiting access to these life-altering sessions, tools and strategies that are inside Project:Yourself to a limited number of participants so we can deliver the individualized support and special attention you deserve.

What are you waiting for? Access is disappearing while you’re reading this!

  • You’ll receive a carefully paced learning plan, as I release one ‘level’ of video training every week. This is designed to give you time to absorb each level, focus on my guidance like a hawk, and get the most kick-ass results possible. And once all the levels have been unlocked, you’re free to revisit them in any order that best serves you.

  • You’ll be guided through immersive multisensory experiences, including deep dive meditations and element infusion exercises that light up your 6 senses. Your jaw will drop when you feel these tools activating your hidden powers, and channeling your infinite inner energy into your career, wealth, relationships and health.

  • You’ll get easy-to-follow tutorials on how some of history’s greatest achievers from Napoleon Hill to Sir Richard Branson use ancient wisdom and ‘fringe’ science to bend the rules of reality in their favor. For instance, you’ll learn how to use your raw Sexual Energy to skyrocket your productivity at work. And how to harness the Sacred Geometry found in nature and human architecture to gain an almost superhuman empathy with the world around you.

  • And you’ll get a handpicked selection of bonus gifts for a more immersive self evolution experience like an interactive workbook for tracking your progress, and weekly group coaching calls with yours truly to answer any questions or eliminate any problems you might have. It’s like having your very own personal evolution coach, minus the cost of having one.

Project:Yourself is for you if you are or aspire to be...

  • One of those visionaries you see on TED Talks who’s not just pushing every day for a more profitable business or raise or promotion... but who is a bona fide trailblazer, shaking up beliefs, practices, and the way things are done in your line of work, and inspiring others to question the rules they’ve been boxed into.
  • A life hacker who’s always experimenting with breakthrough ways to boost your productivity, health, happiness and relationships whether it’s that new natural supplement that jacks up your energy and vitality, a flowchart for solving any problem in 7 steps, or even just a new email shortcut on your laptop keyboard.
  • A wealthy yet grounded multimillionaire who never worries about cash or bills or mortgages, and has the time and resources to design an exhilarating lifestyle full of unique experiences for yourself and your loved ones. All WITHOUT losing track of what’s really important like one of those washed out Hollywood celebrities.
  • An idealist who’s committed to awakening the potential in others, and hatching ingenious plans to empower your friends and family, your community and the planet. Your charity work, conscious business and humanitarian innovations never fail to leave others wondering, “Why didn’t I think of that?!”
  • A modern-day renaissance man or woman who’s successfully merged everything that matters to you, from your career to your family to your personal passions, into one holistic lifestyle. You never struggle with stress or a lack of balance, because everything you do is on your own terms and you know exactly what you want out of life.

Project:Yourself is a bulletproof resource of ancient wisdom, science and personal growth knowledge that WORKS like gangbusters. So if for any reason this wisdom doesn’t spark some positive craziness in your business, wealth, relationships, health, or simply your mindset... or even if you just can’t find the time to use it... return it to me in 30 days. And I’ll return every cent of your money: no grudges, just gratitude for giving it a shot.

Book your spot NOW, or risk waiting months before I host the next one!

Book Project:Yourself now and get:
  • Full access to the entire 9 part program through our private online membership site.
  • Recordings of our live call "infosessions".
  • A digital interactive workbook for tracking your progress.
  • An unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.
  • 2 free bonuses including expert interviews and meditation music tracks for an even deeper learning experience.

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